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Art at Key Stage 3 focusses on closing the creative gaps that many students have in their art education. The Art and Design KS3 curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and promote rapid skills acquisition allowing students to explore and experiment with the widest amount of media, materials and techniques possible. Students are taught how to communicate their ideas through sketching, modelling and annotation. Students work on themed projects and study a range of influential artists and craftsmen and produce work inspired by their research and ideas. Students are expected to consolidate this knowledge at home with 1-2 hours of independent study a week. 

In years 7 and 8, Art is taught on a half yearly carousel with DT. The year 7’s are timetabled for 5 hours of Art and Design a fortnight, for half a year. The year 8’s are timetabled for 4 hours of Art and Design a fortnight, for half a year. In year 9, Art and Design is not compulsory and students opt for the subject at the end of year 8. The aim of the year 9 curriculum is to widen art practice opportunities and prepare students for the requirements of the GCSE and beyond. The year 9 curriculum allows them to explore and develop their skills and ideas more independently and introduces them to a wider range of more professional art materials in readiness for the next level of qualifications. It also seeks to expand the role of art as a life skill that students can go onto to develop and share later in life.  

Year 9 students are timetabled for 4 hours of Art and Design a fortnight and are expected to consolidate their knowledge at home with 2-3 hours of independent study a week.