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School Catering

Introducing ISS, our school caterers at The Rookery

Welcome to The Rookery, our bright and airy school canteen. We operate a cashless system of payment at Rooks Heath, whereby a biometric 'finger-printing' system connects to your Parent Pay account. You can top up the money in your account whenever need be, as well as monitor what your child has been purchasing while in school. As well as The Rookery, we have two more 'Grab & Go' food stations on the premises, so that your child is easily able to purchase food and or drinks. 


Click on the button link below to view our menu.



ISS provides catering services to our Rooks Heath. Their award-winning Tiller & Hobs brand reflects high street trends and offers students healthy, high quality meals at breakfast, break and lunchtimes. Read on to find out more about what’s on offer…

Great Quality

Over 90% of the food served is freshly prepared on site each day by trained chefs, using great quality ingredients, including:

  • Free range eggs
  • A wide range of seasonal and British produce
  • Sustainably sourced fish
  • Meat which satisfies UK welfare standards

Something for Everyone!

Students can enjoy a catering service which meets their needs, whether they’re looking for a quick lunch to go or a hearty sit-down meal to enjoy with friends. Through different offers within Tiller & Hobs they offer a range of dining styles – here’s a bit about each of them.

  • The Kitchen – Serves a selection of main meals, from popular classics to new tastes
  • Graze – Pick up ‘grab and go’ items here, such as pasta pots, salads, sandwiches and more!
  • Eat the Street – A daily street food style dish, packed with flavour
  • Tiller & Hobs Presents – Guest ‘pop up’ concepts including Me Gusta Burritos and Moshi Moshi Urban Noodles
  • For afters – Dessert options include fruity puddings, yoghurts and fresh fruit



Healthier Choices

Tiller & Hobs is all about providing popular dishes which are prepared in a healthy way from fresh, seasonal produce. All the dishes on the menus meet the school food standards and are free from undesirable food additives and hydrogenated fats and do not include any GM ingredients.

ISS are Peas Please pledgers, meaning they’ve committed to increasing the amount of vegetables they serve. Run by the Food Foundation, the pledge was setup to help the nation increase the amount of veg they consume – supporting good health and British farmers. Read more about how ISS is doing this on page 19 of the Peas Please Progress Report 2019.




Protecting the Planet

Providing an eco-friendly and sustainable service is really important to ISS. They work with their suppliers to reduce waste, food miles and promote positive environmental habits such as meat reduction and recycling. Here are a few of their commitments and approaches:


  • Has signed up to the Courtauld Commitment 2025 – a voluntary agreement aimed at improving resource efficiency and reducing waste within the UK grocery sector.
  • Regularly reviews practices in the kitchen to ensure portions are accurately provided, reducing production waste.
  • Has developed a plant-based concept called Feed Your Eco to celebrate vegan cuisine and encourage students to consider eating less meat.
  • Serves ‘grab and go’ items in compostable disposables made from plants.
  • Has removed a significant amount of plastic from its business in the past 2 years, ceasing to provide plastic straws and sachets, to name a few.

Promotions & Marketing

To educate students on healthy eating and sustainable living, ISS runs a range of marketing and promotional initiatives.

Loyalty programmes, meal deals, free tasters and special offers all enhance the mealtime experience and promote the excellent value school meals have to offer.

Allergies & Intolerances

To make it possible for as many students to enjoy school meals as possible, ISS’ chefs and nutritionists create diverse menus which cater for a range of dietary needs, with vegetarian, vegan and halal options are all available daily. ISS’ menus are nut free and several dishes are free from certain allergens including gluten, dairy, eggs and more. To find out what’s available, students should ask at the counter where the catering team can provide allergen information.

Our school endeavours as far as possible to be a nut-free school, this includes sesame seeds.  We have a number of students in the school who have severe nut allergies and can be seriously affected by someone else who is eating or may have recently eaten nuts.  

Please encourage your child to understand that eating a nut product (including items such as peanut butter sandwiches and Nutella bars) can have a serious effect on other students,. Please try to avoid these products when putting together a packed lunch.

To find out more about Tiller & Hobs, visit or email