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Opportunity through Learning

Key Stage 5

OCR A Level in ICT

The OCR GCE ICT specification sees students develop a wide range of ICT skills together with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of ICT. Candidates are encouraged to become discerning users of ICT. This qualification provides the ideal foundation for those students who wish to pursue ICT at degree level or as a career.

AS Level

The AS course consists of 2 units.

UNIT G061: Information, Systems and Applications                worth 60%

This is an examined unit. The topics covered are:

  • Data, information, knowledge and processing
  • Software and hardware components of an information system
  • Characteristics of standard applications software and application areas
  • Spreadsheet concepts
  • Relational database concepts
  • Applications software used for presentation and communication of data
  • The role and impact of ICT - legal, moral and social issues

UNIT G062: Structured ICT Tasks                                            worth 40%      

This is a coursework unit.

Students complete 4 to 5 practical tasks using spreadsheet, database and word processing software as well as completing a design task.

A2 Level

The A2 course consists of 2 units.

UNIT G063: ICT Systems, Applications and Implications        worth 60%

This is an examined unit. The topics covered are:

  • The systems life cycle
  • Designing computer-based information systems
  • Networks and communications
  • Applications of ICT
  • Implementing computer-based information systems
  • Implications of ICT

UNIT G064: ICT Project                                                               worth 40%

This project allows candidates to develop their knowledge and understanding of ICT and use the skills they learnt in their AS year. The project allows students to find a problem to solve in a real life situation and use ICT to solve it. They will produce a report of their project that contains the following sections:

  • analyse a problem
  • design a solution to the problem
  • develop the software solution
  • test the solution against the requirements specification
  • document the solution
  • evaluate the solution