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With the digital world constantly evolving and new technologies continuously being introduced, it is essential that E-safety is taught across the curriculum, particularly through Computing & ICT and PSE. Not only are students taught how to use technology responsibly, but we strongly encourage our young people to think critically about their digital footprint, the risks associated with their online identity and their use of technology.  
Rooks Heath is proactive in educating our students on managing such risks. Each year the school observes Safer Internet Day with assemblies, delivered by school staff or outside agencies, and tutor time activities.  
E-safety and digital citizenship should be everyday discussions, at school and at home. By working alongside parents/carers, we can help them learn how to assist their child develop the skills to be safer online.  

Each year, we offer an Online Safety event for parents and carers; we share information about new technologies and offer tips and advice on how to help keep your child safe online, there is also a Q&A session at the end where parents and carers can raise any questions or concerns they have.  Please see the links below for a recording and resources of the most recent event.

In the links below, we have a range of sources that will help to keep you up-to date with E-safety issues.