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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Year 8

Year 8 is about developing and building on both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills students have learned in the previous year.

We start off the year with a 'Battle of the Bands' project. In our fully equipped classrooms/practise rooms we have guitars, keyboards, microphones and drum kits allowing students to take part in this band project with their classmates. They learn how to play each of the instruments leading to a final performance for the rest of their class, or if confident enough, on the stage in front of their year group. Some groups have impressed us so much they have won the chance to record in our state of the art recording studio.

We delve into the past to look at music from the Baroque period and the features of a Ground Bass. Students develop their keyboard skills collaboratively in a group. They are encouraged to begin thinking about the musical elements, such as tempo and dynamics, and how they can effect a performance. 

 Finally, we jump forward to the present day and explore the different musical styles that make up our modern era of music. We explore rap music, pop music and rock music styles; listening to and learning how to play songs from each of these different musical styles. Students engage in the course content through both practical and research activities. At the end of this unit student work in groups to create a mash-up performance of songs from the different genres, using guitars, keyboards, drum kit and singing.