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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Year 7

Students cover a variety of texts and topics to build upon their prior learning and ensure a smooth transition between the key stages. Within each module opportunities are embedded for the students to begin to develop the skill set necessary for success at GCSE.


‘Two Weeks with the Queen’ – Morris Gleitzman

‘Jake’s Tower’ – Elizabeth Laird

Each novel studied by students provides opportunities for learning activities that focus on students’ skills of effective reading and writing. Throughout the module students are expected to show a clear awareness of key themes, plot and characterisation and how context influenced the text.  The students will participate in a range of activities including shared and guided reading, drama activities paired and group work.   The assessment activities provide an opportunity to assess students understanding of the text through both a reading and writing based assessment.


This module forms a clear introduction to the playwright and his work. They will explore his life and the times in which he write. Within lessons they will be exposed to examples of his work, both his plays and his poetry. They will form a firm understanding of the genre of his work and contextual influences.


The focus of this scheme of work is to allow students to develop knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of poetry.  Students explore a range of poetry, pre-1914, post-1914 and contemporary poems, with the aim of enhancing their interpretation and understanding of the texts.  This scheme of work allows students to build an appreciation of how writers use language and structure to convey intended ideas, as well as opportunities to write their own poetry embedding awareness of using said factors for effect.


Throughout this module students will work on refining and develop an understanding of transactional and discursive writing – including formal letters, speeches, articles and guides. Students are expected to build the foundations of effective writing by showing awareness of audience and purpose through their style, language, information and format.


This is an exciting new module that has been created in conjunction with the London Curriculum. Throughout this module students will be introduced to both fiction and non- fiction texts from both the 19th and 21st century; linked alongside the theme of London. A trip has been organised to take the year group to London to use images and personal experiences they gain as inspiration and stimulus for their work. The aim is to engage their imaginations and open their eyes to the work of British writers over the centuries.


As the first official published writer Geoffrey Chaucer paved the way for all who followed. With this in mind it is imperative that students are exposed to his work. Students will learn about him and the life and times in which he worked. They will form an awareness of how the English language has evolved over time. They will get the opportunity to dip into his work and explore several of his tales with the overall aim of producing their own piece of creative prose along the style of Chaucer.