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Work Experience

Our work experience programme offers our Year 12 students the opportunity to gain experience in an area of interest for a one-week work placement in the month of July. Placements are found for students depending on their choices, but they also have the opportunity to find their own placements. Students learn life skills in co-ordinating with their placements, interviewing and in the reflective workbook provided to them throughout the experience. Work experience instils the values of work ethic and resilience, which we strongly encourage throughout the sixth form.

Here is what some of last year’s Year 12 students had to say about their experience

“I did my work experience in childcare - my placement was at a Nursery. I enjoyed my time there. All of the employees were incredibly nice and made me feel comfortable within that environment. I had the opportunity to meet some really sweet kids which made going in everyday worth it. I would have to be there at 8.00 in the morning and the nursery wouldn't open until 9.00. The hour was used for setting up.

I would have to put up hall dividers in the main hall where the students that attended the nursery from 9 - 12 would be. I would put out mats, tables, toys etc. I'd set the tables at lunch and help the children with washing their hands and after lunch, I'd have to sit outside and supervise them during their playtime - a few members of staff would be with me too.

I had to do some paperwork for the manager in her office. I was uploading the kids' files onto a USB and then I'd shred the documents. On the last day there I had to set up a graduation for the children who would be going to primary school after that summer holiday.

Personally, working at the nursery taught me patience. I believe that if you can stay calm and be patient with a child, you can do the same with any personality type in any situation. I had a lot of fun in my placement and if I had the opportunity to do it again I would”. Leah, Year 13

“I worked at an accounting firm in Watford for my work experience. I enjoyed it because the people I worked with were really nice and were happy to help me whenever I needed help. The office was also very clean and spacious. Furthermore, accounting is something I want to do in the future and this helped me gain a better understanding of my tasks.

During my time there, I created Excel spreadsheets with receipts and expenditures for client companies, usually small businesses. I was invited to a new client meeting, where I was taught a few steps as to what new clients can expect when they choose this accountancy firm but also how much it cost. Finally, I was shown the steps involved in reporting business data and paying the fees on the website.

From completing the work experience, it gave me valuable experience in how to use Excel efficiently, how to organise/categorise income & expenditure and some communication skills. It was useful for me, as it is something I want to do in the future and I learned a lot of things I can use for myself, like Excel and organisation”. Atikaran, Year 13