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Why Choose Sociology?

Sociology is about your life and the world around you. It is a subject that you will have experience of and one that will help you understand many aspects of your future. You can bring your own life events and ideas into the classroom in a way you might not be able to with other subjects. It helps you understand that the society we are presented with is not always the true picture and it will help you understand who is trying to manipulate your ideas and why they are trying to do that. If you know this, you can make more informed choices about your lives and your future.

What Makes A Good Sociology Student?

You need to be open minded. Some things that you “know” are not always accurate. You will need to be able to analyse the information given to you and make decisions about its accuracy and representativeness. You will need to be able to view society from many different perspectives – and accept that different people see the same concept in different ways. You will also be able to listen to and accept the views of others – even if you do not agree with them.

Sociology is ideal for students who have a sound ability in English and enjoy thinking about and exploring new ideas and concepts. Unfortunately there is no obvious subject to compare it to at GCSE level – it really is unique.

What Careers Might It Lead To?

There are many careers where a qualification in sociology is useful. For example, many sociologists go into social work – community projects, charity work, welfare advisors and other areas of social services. Other careers are civil service, prison officers, journalists, police and teaching. A qualification in sociology will provide you with many key skills, including logical thinking, planning, research and negotiation – all of which can be used in a variety of careers.We offer Sociology at Rooks Heath to both GCSE and A Level. Both are assessed by 100% exam.