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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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What the students say

Additional English

‘When I came to this school, I spoke little English because I was in this country for only a few months. This was a new country and a new language for me but now I speak better English. I need to say thanks to Ms. Gloor for helping me.’  Naser (10 Green)

‘I like learning English but I speak a bit slowly. My Additional English class is a lovely class.’  Sanshia (11 Blue)

‘When I started Additional English, I learnt so many things. I really found this lesson helpful.’  Sharmila (11 Orange)

‘Additional English has helped me with my English. I learnt how to communicate which was the most important thing for me.’  Mohammed (10 Indigo)

‘I love Additional English because I’ve learnt more English. I’ve learnt more about descriptive writing and the teachers are very helpful and have helped me improve my English.’  Latefia (10 Green)

‘I have learnt many different things in Additional English and my English has improved. My teacher has helped me write correctly in descriptive writing etc.’  Anu (10 Red)

‘When I came to this country, I didn’t even know how to write a sentence in English and my school had a subject called Additional English, which I joined. I can feel that my English has improved. The reason for improving my skills is because my teacher taught me very well, with kindness. Additional English is one of my favourite lessons.’  Ajeenthan (11 Green)

‘I’ve learnt how to use English words and how to speak English.’  Paulina  (10 Indigo).