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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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What We Do

At Rooks Heath School, students who need additional support in order to make progress with their learning have access to a wide range of interventions, as appropriate.

Interventions include:

  • In class support

The majority of our support is given in class.  We have found that this type collaborative learning to be really successful.  We liaise regularly with teaching staff to ensure that we are able to provide effective support for the students in the class.

  • 1 to 1 support 

The Learning Development Department provides 1 to 1 intervention sessions for students that have been identified as needing extra support.  These sessions are planned according to the needs of the individual student and in conjunction with the SENCo.

The support can be for exam revision and preparation, homework, literacy and numeracy or pre-teaching. 

  • Small group work

There may be times when some students have been identified as needing additional help.  We provide specific group work sessions for students that we feel would benefit.  An example of the type of groups we run are social skills groups, literacy and numeracy improvement classes.

  • Social skills groups
  • Mentoring

Learning Mentors help students overcome barriers to learning in order to help them to achieve their full potential.  Mentoring sessions generally take place in a quiet room within the Learning Development Department, once a week, for ten minutes during tutor time. Students are able to find a member of staff they are familiar with to discuss any issues or concerns they may have.  They can take time to reflect on their feelings and feel reassured that their concerns are understood and taken seriously. These sessions can help students with issues, such as low self-esteem and anxiety to have confidence in themselves and the staff around them. Positive staff relationships with students are built up using these sessions and students find them very reassuring and look forward to the opportunity to speak to someone that they trust.

The majority of staff in the Learning Development Department have gained a certificate in ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistance)

  • Transition groups and 1 to 1 transition support

At Rooks Heath School we are aware that it can be very daunting for some students to come to a new school where they feel they are completely on their own.  We have an outstanding transition programme, which helps students who may feel very vulnerable and worried about the new change.  We have excellent relationships with local primary schools and we visit them regularly so that the students recognise a friendly and caring face.  We encourage students to visit Rooks Heath School before they are due to start so that they feel safe and secure within the new surroundings.  A booklet is provided with staff photos and details of their new timetable along with information on what students can expect from a typical day at Rooks Heath.  Staff from the Learning Development Department meet with parents and work closely with them to ensure that we are fully informed of individual students needs prior to transition.

One parent says ‘ I was unaware of how I will manage with transferring to high school and his ability to cope with the demands of a High School. … impressed with how the dedicated staff have looked after my son’s needs’

We offer continual support throughout the student’s time at Rooks Heath School from helping them to select their options subjects, to new changes with new subjects and teachings staff.  We help to prepare them for their next stage of transition