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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

Strive to be your best

Welcome from the Head of Sixth Form

During your time in the Rooks Heath’s Sixth Form you will be encouraged, inspired and expected to do your best.

As a sixth former, you are here because you want to be. That’s a good start, but it’s always worth reminding yourself why your studies are so important: you’re here to learn, to pass exams, get good grades and from there, be able to go on to do whatever you plan to do with the rest of your life.

This is an exciting time. What you’re doing now is laying the foundation to the further education, university placement or career that you are planning for yourself - this is a major step in making your dreams a reality!

Put in your top effort, bother to do that bit more research, take the time to listen to your teachers and ask questions if you’re unclear on something. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it - the subject will become more interesting, your knowledge will grow more quickly and you’ll have a better chance of getting the highest exam grades that you can.

That’s how it is here at Rooks Heath School; we encourage you to put in your best effort because we want you to succeed in life. The head, teachers and other staff, are here to help you, but you have to help yourselves too.

So, push yourself, push your limits, be hungry to learn and have fun - the benefit will all be yours!

Something that visitors often talk about in relation to Rooks Heath is how friendly and enthusiastic everyone is and every year our new students tell us how easily and quickly they settled into their courses and made new friends.

Academically the emphasis is firmly on independent learning. Teachers see their function as guiding the Sixth Form through their A-level courses, pointing them towards the right reading and Web resources. Students are closely monitored during their two years in the Sixth Form by their individual tutors to avoid the difficulties that can happen when youngsters fall behind with demanding work schedules.

But it's not all work! Activities such as badminton, skating, cine-club, theatre visits and field trips are frequently on offer. The Sixth Form are very much a part of the main School body through their leadership role. As School prefects and as members of the School council our young people learn how to work collaboratively and to use their judgement and analytical skills.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Mr Wright
Head of Sixth Form