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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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To the students, parents and carers of Year 7,

We are so excited to welcome you to our community on Thursday 3rd September! We are working hard to prepare the school to ensure you have a safe, informative and exciting transition to secondary school!

Reopening schedule for new Year 7

On Thursday 3rd,  the new Year 7 should come to school at 8:40am for their induction. They will be greeted at the main entrance and escorted to one of our playgrounds where they will find out their tutor group. Parents, and Carers, we know this is an exciting day for you too and we appreciate that walking your child to school and making sure they are okay is important to you. However, can we kindly ask that once your child is safely on school premises, that you move away from the entrance in order for us to ensure adequate social distancing?
Once in tutor groups, the children will be taken to their tutor room where they will spend some time getting to know their classmates, Tutor and co-tutor. They will also be given their Link Book (our homework diary), and timetable… as well as lots of other vital and useful information. They will also be given a tour of the school. The students will be dismissed at 11:40am.

•    On Friday 4th, there is no school so all students should stay at home.
•    On Monday 7th the Year 7s are in school from 8:40am until 11:40am
•    From Tuesday 8th September onwards, the Year 7s will be in school from 8:40am until 3:10opm

The staggered nature of this year’s opening is to enable us to fully implement the changes we have made to account for social distancing, but we have tried to keep the disruption to Year 7 to a minimum. We thank you for your patience and understanding with this.
We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Please click here to view our Welcome Pack.