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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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The Learning Support Team

Welcome to the Learning Support TEAM

Assistant Headteacher/SENCO Mrs Wright
SEND Manager Mrs Boakes
Learning Support Administrator Mrs Noone
School & Community Liaison Officer Mrs Lamb

Our Learning Support Team is at the heart of the school. We offer unparalleled levels of provision to our students whilst providing guidance to our teaching staff to ensure that they meet the needs of all of students within the classroom. Our team ensure that no matter how big or small the educational, social, or pastoral differences might be our staff are equipped with the knowledge and support to meet each individual need.  

Our staff is made of up a team of dedicated and hardworking Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), Learning Support Administrator, SEND Manager and SENCO to make up a team of 21.  We are one of the largest teams within Rooks Heath School and boast a purpose-built suite called the Learning Support Area (BF8) which helps provide extra support to our students.  

The team’s focus is what goes on in the classroom and high-quality teaching. Throughout Rooks Heath School, you will find many our students being closely supported in the classroom by skilled LSAs, fully included within a mainstream curriculum.   

At Rooks Heath School, we ensure that our LSAs have regular and continuous support to ensure that the best possible methods are being used to support students.  We meet regularly as a team and we believe in investing in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training as it provides the team with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively support students with diverse needs. It ensures that we stay abreast of the latest research, strategies, and best practices in special education, enabling us to create inclusive learning environments that cater to individual requirements, leading to enhanced student outcomes.

We have a rigorous induction programme when our new LSAs start with us, which allows those members of staff to gain in-depth knowledge of SEND in our setting and provide them with the skill set to provide individualised support. Our LSAs are trained to be overtly or discretely supporting students using researched and proven methods. Our team’s aim is ensuring inclusion is paramount and part of our focus on inclusion is ensuring that students build and learn resilience and independence as they develop through the school.  

At Rooks Heath School our ethos is based around our ON TRACK values, these are Teamwork, Resilience, Achievement, Creativity and Kindness. This ethos is integral to what we do within our team.