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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

Strive to be your best

Student Voice

At Rooks Heath we value our learners as invested members of the school community. Our Student Voice structure aims to provide opportunities, via participation or representation, for their ideas and opinions to be heard and, where appropriate, considered by the leadership team when decisions are made.

In order to promote long term democratic engagement, and encourage active citizenship, our Student Voice structure allows for highly visible consultation that leads to tangible outcomes.

The aims of our Student Voice programme include:
•    sending a powerful message that young people of all ages are citizens too
•    recognising young people as major stakeholders in society with important contributions to make to their community
•    helping every child to fulfil their potential
•    establishing a more inclusive environment
•    improving behaviour, attendance and engagement in learning
•    facilitating students growth and development outside the formal curriculum
•    highlighting to young people how they can act as positive role models
•    helping young people prepare for the world of work


Student Council

The School Council is made up of: Responsibilities Expectations are:
Two students from each Year Group, chosen from class reps​ Meets once a fortnight A good communicator​
Chair – runs the meetings. Voted on by General Assembly Decides on a range of Student Voice priorities for consideration by the General Assembly  Motivated to work on issues and projects outside scheduled meetings​
  Works on projects aimed at improving the student experience of school life​ Excellent standards of behaviour​
  Selected via by Year Council and General Assembly vote​ Feedback ideas to year councils and the General Assembly

General Assembly 

The General Assembly is made up of: Responsibilities Expectations are:
All class reps​ Meets once every half-term  A good communicator​
All prefects Votes on Student Voice priorities​ Excellent standards of behaviour​
  Selects the Chair of the School Council​ Feedback ideas to Year Councils

Year Councils

Year Councils are made up of: Responsibilities Expectations are:
Two reps per tutor group voted for by classmates Meets once every half-term​ A good communicator​
  Discuss issues within Year Group and wider school​ Excellent standards of behaviour​
  Feeds back Student Voice progress and decisions to peers​ Feedback ideas to Tutor Groups
  Represents the views and needs of their peers​  


Meetings & action points 

Date Meeting  Action 
06.10.22 General Assembly 
  • Intro to student voice structure…
  • Applications to run for Student Council Chairperson invited
20.10.22 General Assembly
  • Chairperson election: HI11V elected
  • Class Reps tasked with collecting feedback from Tutor Groups
  • Vote on 6th form basketball charity match: approved
10.11.22 Student Council 
  • Feedback from student body
  • Year plan
  • Project options
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Charity options
24.11.22 General Assembly
  • Project ideas presented to general assembly and voted on
  • Year plan presented and voted on
  • Fundraising ideas presented for feedback
  • Charity options presented and voted on
08.12.22 Student Council
  • Updates
  • Allocation of responsibilities
  • Possible guest for questioning, depending on feedback