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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Student Support Hub

The Student Support Hub is a collaborative team of nine led by Ms Sue Rockell – Designated Safeguarding Lead & AHT of Student Support Hub.

We have a dedicated Student Support Hub focused on providing pastoral support to ensure that each student has the care they need throughout their time at Rooks Heath School.  The members of the team are experienced in a wide range of emotional & behavioural difficulties.

We work with our students to guide them into making the right choices.  We also offer restorative approaches and guidance to enable students to reflect on their actions.  We focus on building, maintaining and repairing relationships. 

We are committed to offering a whole school restorative approach. Research supports this as the most effective method to initiate long term changes across a range of areas, including; reducing bullying, suspensions/exclusions, classroom disruption and truancy.  

The Student Support Hub is a place where students can go to if they are facing a range of challenges. Staff are experienced in assisting with a wide range of difficulties. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Mental Health – anxiety, depression, panic attacks, stress 

  • Emotional Difficulties – anger management, low-self-esteem, withdrawal   

  • Behavioural Difficulties - attendance, school refusal, punctuality  

  • Social Difficulties - relationship building, conflict resolution, social skills building  

  • Circumstantial matters - grief, loss, trauma, integrating students back into mainstream education  

We offer a range of external intervention programmes across Year Groups with the aim of supporting students’ development across the above-mentioned areas. Some examples include the Khulisa Face It programme and the Boxing Mentor programme which both aim to assist students in building emotional resilience and in developing social skills.  

There is always a member of the team available to assist students who may be feeling anxious and need to either express emotions/concerns or worries they may have or just have some quiet time to refocus. 

We aim to provide every student with the opportunity to reach their full potential by ensuring they feel happy, safe, and supported in school. 

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