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Student Leadership Programme

Student Leadership at Rooks Heath Sixth Form

Welcome to our Student Leadership Programme in this Sixth Form at Rooks Heath School.

At Rooks Heath, all sixth form students are expected to demonstrate leadership skills. We believe that a key element of our purpose as a sixth form is to prepare young people for the world beyond school. It is certain that many of our students will take careers and other roles in society which require them to lead others. We want them to do this well.

However, there are broader aspects of leadership which we also believe to be important. These include areas such as responsibility for oneself, kindness and politeness to each other and resilience under pressure. These are areas which students are encouraged to work on as individuals, both through their learning in lessons and during extra-curricular activities.

It is often said that it is better to give than receive. Our Give Back Get Back student leadership programme is underpinned by this philosophy. Students are encouraged to act as role models and display a generosity of spirit to help each and support every member of their community. We believe the short-term costs demanded of them to carry out these acts are rewarded with a lasting, long-term sense of achievement.

Structure of our Give Back, Get Back Initiative:


Let us introduce you to our current Student Leaders within the Sixth Form:

Year 12 Senior Prefect Team

Student Leader Captains and Deputy Captains:

What some of our Student Leaders have to say about the programme so far:

“My role in the student leader programme is a deputy student support captain. I enjoy being a student leader as it allows me to help individuals in the school and ensure that their best interests are involved, and their quality of care is the best which is the core reason I applied. Currently, me and the team are working on two programmes: mentoring and Pride Club. We ensure that Rooks Heath is considered as a safe place for all students no matter their differences I'm looking forward to many more events which will be brought to ensure that Rooks Heath evolves”. - Nila, Yr 12

“One of the things I most enjoy about Student Leadership is the freedom and power you are given to organise your own activities. For a long time, I've wanted to contribute to running rather than simply taking part in educational activities and this gives me the opportunities and resources I need to do so”.- Shlok Venkat, Yr 12

“Being a team leader has really developed my teamwork skills, as I've had to work around and co-operate within a team. I've also become more responsible and better with my time management, as I've had to help organise events”.- Zakaria, Yr 12

“In my role as a Student Support Captain, I gain skills such as leadership and become a role model for younger students. I enjoy this role because it allows me to connect with younger students, and I love helping people, so I think this role is very suitable for me. In my role I have so far discussed possible mentoring sessions with younger students, and we have organised a pride club which everyone is welcome to. Lastly, in the future I hope that my role and all that I am doing has helped someone because in the end that is what is most important”.- Argeeneh, Yr 12