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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Student Experiences

1 month of Rooks Heath

At first Rooks Heath was soooo big and when I went to visit in July I thought I would never find my way around because there were so many people too. I went to the summer camp during the summer holidays and it was really good because I met some new friends and we played games to help us find our way around the school. By the time I started in September I knew where some of the things were in the school.

My first day was really scary, there were lots of new children but the teachers all looked after me and helped everybody find their places. All the teachers were really nice. The second day was even more scarier because all of the school were there and I thought I would get lost. I learned to find my way around the school and now I know where all my lessons are in which classroom. At first I could just ask another students, most of them showed me where to go but some of them gave me funny directions which got me even more lost.

Since I have been to BF8 at break time I can trust everyone in BF8 and every staff member no matter who it is. I feel like I can trust anyone in the staff. So I am really happy that all of you make this school and letting me discuss my feelings.

I could not say one word wrong about this school. Nothing is wrong, food is good, water, playground, staff, lessons and medical room. Best of all you are not to use phones in the whole of School, Mr Williams sorts things out no matter what it takes. Thank you for making this the best school ever.

By Adam, 8V