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Rooks Heath College

Rooks Heath College

Opportunity through Learning

Special Educational Needs

Rooks Heath College prides itself on being an inclusive school. The college welcomes students of varying abilities and backgrounds. The Learning Development Coordinator and team work together with subject staff to provide these students with a high level of quality support.

Teachers have high expectations of all students, regardless of their current ability, and set challenging tasks for students. Lessons are differentiated and personalised so that every child achieves. Our wide range of curriculum choices enable staff to meet the needs of students with a range of learning differences. Each curriculum area is expected to provide a range of texts, materials, teaching strategies and learning activities that enable all students to fully participate in lessons.

Our Learning Development Coordinator has the responsibility for ensuring that the Code of Practice (July 2014) is implemented. A copy of our SEN Policy is available from the college, and all essential aspects of it are found on this website.

Students are identified as having Special Educational Needs when they require something ‘additional to or different from’ that provided by the usual, high quality, differentiated teaching. The college is quick to respond to concerns raised by subject staff, parents or students themselves, in order to ensure that progress is rapid and confidence is high. Staff make good use of data and assessment procedures, in order to ensure that all children with SEN are identified and supported appropriately. Staff then adopt the cycle of assessing, planning, doing and reviewing until interventions are found that prove successful in enabling progress.

The College has a dedicated area which caters for students with Special Educational Needs who are accessing specialist interventions. Specialist interventions are designed to ‘close the gap’ between a student’s current attainment and the average attainment expected for a student of the same age. Rigorous monitoring of interventions takes place, to ensure that desired outcomes are being met. An Inclusion Unit helps students with emotional, social and mental health difficulties. They receive targeted support where the curriculum is adapted well to meet their individual needs.

“Disabled students and those who have special educational needs also make outstanding progress” and: “The care and support provided for them builds their confidence quickly which motivates and encourages them to participate fully in their lessons.”

Ofsted 2012

Parents can find information about services in Harrow for families who have children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities by going to the following Local Authority website:

Please click here to view our SEND reports.