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Rooks Heath School

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Science Museum

During the Science and Engineering week 8 Green went on a Science Museum trip with Dr Rathod. Did we have fun?! Yes!!!. We did lots and learnt lots too, about Science.

Highlights were: The atmosphere g allery and climate change; activities in the Launch Pad area, rockets, experiments, 4D Imax ride about fast planes, Dizzy tester, buying toys and gifts in the museum shop, iron and magnets activities, learning about medicine in the 18th Century, building bridges with skewed blocks, steering ships in a straight line, making shadows, saving people from flooding, voice projection, having lunch, heat sensor and thermal imaging, kaleidoscope, hologram game, hydropower and muscle power for generating electricity, lava lamps and pulleys,  working with sand, electrical circuits, biological ageing and interactive features in the atmosphere gallery, being with friends, etc…. We did more practical work compared with what we usually do. We were out representing Rooks Heath to the public. We came across  other students, and little boys and girls from other schools, or with their parents.

Would 8 Green recommend a Science Museum trip? YES, definitely.