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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

Strive to be your best


Science Department Staff  
Head of Science: Mrs Ul-Haq 
Teachers:  Ms Acharya,
Mr Gilbert, 
Mrs Hare,
Mrs Hayward, 
Mrs Janagan,
Mrs Khan,
Mr Miranda,
Mrs Pithwa, 
Ms Rahman
Mrs Thobhani
Technicians:  Mr Clarke,
Mrs Ives,
Mrs Kailainathan,
Mrs Mcanulty.

Science at Rooks Heath School

Welcome to the Science Department of Rooks Heath School.  We love science and hope to convey the love of the subject to all our students.  The science curriculum nationally has recently changed and the new GCSEs have a great emphasis on cutting issues in science. Our lessons are dynamic, fun, interactive and of course educative. 

The Science curriculum

Our curriculum is diverse and personalised and students are guided into the appropriate course for their ability.  Our aim is to maximise the potential and attainment of each student so that all doors are open to them for their future.  We run targeted revision classes to help the students understand difficult content and to give them tips on effective revision.