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Rooks Heath School

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School Exam Data

Rooks Heath School is celebrating some outstanding public examination results from the Summer 2019 exam season, and we would like to take this opportunity to offer our warmest congratulations to all who realised their goals this year.  When you consider that many of our students join the school after the start of Year 7 and, on some occasions, from backgrounds with limited previous education or experience of the English language, we are extremely pleased that many of our results are in line with, or above the National Average. 

Key Stage 4

English: 73% achieved Grades between 9 -4 in their best English result with 45% achieving Grades 9-5.

Maths: 60% achieved Grades 9-4 with 46% achieving Grades 9-5.  This represents 29 students which is around 1 in 5 achieving a top grade of 7, 8 or 9 in Maths. Five students achieved the maximum grade 9 which is an outstanding performance.

Languages: Our Modern Foreign Language GCSE results continue to be amongst the best in the country, with 71% of candidates achieving at least a Grade 4.

Students who achieved exceptional results at the end of Year 11 include:

T Kandhipan                        C Lungu                        T Muhunthan                           U Sanjania

3   Grade 9s                        3   Grade 9s                  3   Grade 9s                            2   Grade 9s 

6   Grade 8s                        3  Grade 8s                   2   Grade 8s                            6   Grade 8s

1   Grade 7                          2  Grade 7s                   1   Grade 7                              1   Grade 7

3   Grade 6s                        1   Grade 6                   3   Grade 6s

Rooks Heath prides itself on being a totally inclusive school and we are therefore very proud to state that 100% of our students achieved at least one GCSE qualification.

Summary Headline measure:



Progress 8


Attainment 8

42 (Grade 4/5)

% achieving Grades 4 or 5 or above in English and maths

32% (for GRADE 5)
56% (for GRADE 4)

% achieving a pass (Grade 4) in one English


% achieving a pass (Grade 4) in maths


% entering for the EBacc


% achieving the EBacc

19% (for GRADE 5)
31% (for GRADE 4)

% staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4



Key Stage 5 

Our A Level and Vocational results proved, yet again, that hard work, dedication and a determination to succeed will allow students to make sustained progress and prove what can be achieved.  Students who achieved exceptional results at the end of Year 13 include: 

A Levels

F Abdillahi                                                                        V Patel

A                   Ancient Greek                                               A*                  Mathematics

A                   Latin                                                             A                   Further Mathematics

B                   English Language                                           A                   Computer Science

                                                                                         A                    Physics

                                                                                         B                    Chemistry

Destination:    University of Oxford                                        Destination:     Imperial School,University of London    Studying:        Classics                                                        Studying:         Physics with Theoretical Physics 

I Tabassum                                                                         O Gijsels

A                   English                                                         A                   Latin

A                   Sociology                                                      B                   Classical Civilisation

B                   Politics                                                          B                   Ancient Greek

Destination:    University of Warwick                                     Destination:     Imperial School,University of London    Studying:        Politics                                                         Studying:         Classics 


S Maihanwal                                                                     A Mujahid

Dist* Dist*     BTEC Business Studies                                    Dist Dist       BTEC Health and Social Care

Merit             BTEC ICT                                                       Merit           BTEC Applied Science

Destination:    University of Coventry                                     Destination:  University of Birmingham

Studying:       Business Management                                     Studying:     Diagnostic Radiotherapy  


The data for ‘disadvantaged students’ is as follows:

For A Level                                                                                         For Applied General

22 students                                                                                          11 students

Average Grade = D+                                                                            Average Grade = M+

Progress = 0.3                                                                                     Progress = 0.01


Summary Headline measure:



A levels/Academic

83 Students

Average Grade: D+

Average Point Score per entry: 23.71

Progress -0.14

Applied General

31 Students

Average Grade: Merit +

Average Point Score per entry: 28.75

Progress 0.09

Progress our students have made in English


Progress our students have made in Maths



To follow



Click here for access to the Performance Tables for KS4:

Click here for access to the Performance Tables for KS5: