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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

Strive to be your best

Rooks Heath Debating Society (RHDS)

When: Wednesday 3:15 - 4:15

Where: AF12

"True Power comes neither from fame nor fortune, but from the one who can bring the world to a standstill with the sound of their voice"

The Rooks Heath Debating Society is a debating club that runs every Wednesday from September to July from 3:15 - 4:15 in AF12. Every week from October to March we have two university level mentors from the Debate Mate programme run sessions. These are experienced university level debaters who train students to debate and improve their abilities in presentation style and argument composition, in preperation for the three national level competitions from the Debate Mate programme, the largest high school level debating organisation in the UK. Furthermore, we th‚Äčink it is important to not simply teach debating, but provide an interesting and enjoyable friendly atmosphere. This is why we do not teach in a lesson format and run a first and foremost social and entertaining club. 


  • The Urban Debate League: Four competative debates across two months against other London schools organised by Debate Mate and hosted by a local school, leading to a Grand Final held in Central London. 
  • The Debate Mate Cup: The UKs largest scale debating competition. Rooks Heath participates in the Regional Final usually held at the London School of Economics, a prestigious London university, culminating in a National Final, held at a presitious central London location. 
  • The Novice Cup: As the name suggests, a smaller scale competition for first year participants only to allow newcomers in debating to thrive. This is hosted by the international financial services firm Credit Suisse, and is held in their UK headquaters at Canary Wharf, London.


Learning how to debate is not only an enjoyable and often exiting activity, but has provided students with valuable life skills that not only reflect into their academic progress but also issue many practical applications for every day life, such as greater abilities in analytical thinking, argument construction, more coherent and effective communication and better conflict resolution. 

The Debating Society is proud to be one of the School's most successful clubs; despite being a relative newcomer to the world of debating Rooks Heath has an impressive debating record,  having only operated since October 2013:

  • In March 2014, in our first academic year of operation, Rooks Heath took 3rd Place at the Debate Mate Cup regional final. Despite this being our first year of debating, we were able to beat over forty other teams. 


  •  In March 2015 we were able to take 1st Place at the Debate Mate Cup regional final, beating over seventy teams in the process, due to a larger competition size. This meant we had quallified for the national finals the following June.


  •  In June 2015 we proceded to take 5th Place at the national final, beating all but four participating teams in the Debate Mate Programme. Put antother way, we beat almost four thousand five hundred students from a few hundred UK schools.   

As you may be able to tell, our ability to debate better improved concordantly with our ability to take better photos. 











Here we see the London Debate Mate Cup taken from two perspectives, currently on display in the main reception. You may be thinking there isn't much logic in putting up two photos of the same trophy next to each other, and you'd be right.