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Research at Rooks Heath: A cure for acne?

Hopefully a cure for acne could be on the way thanks to students at Rooks Heath.  Dr Mathew Traynor and a group of research scientists from the pharmacology department of Hertfordshire University   collected samples of the fluid which our skin produces (sebum) in order to analyse it and see if there is a way to target the causes of acne.

 Various classes took part in this experiment. The picture, shows  3  year 13 students  with bands on their foreheads. These were used to hold the collecting paper in place. If you look carefully you can just see it beneath the band.  Also note that one student is wearing gloves, as the whole process had to be kept sterile and free from cross contamination.

The samples were all collected in the same way and all the materials were sterile.  It was very nice to see the scientific method actually put into practice and for students to understand the necessity of doing so.  You will all be pleased to know that no pain was inflicted on our students!

The collection took 30 minutes and so there was plenty of time for our visitors, one of whom was a former student of Rooks Heath, to answer numerous questions about the research in particular and about the opportunities in the world of science and at university.  We hope that they will come back later in the year and collect some more data from other classes.