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Reports by 8 Yellow

The Humble Pope

Pope Francis has a handshake with the Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

The humble Pope who? Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected as pope on the 13 March 2013. He is said to be a humble Pope, a Pope that looks after the poor more than the rich and able. He is so humble he cancelled the limousine and went in a normal, ordinary car; what a humble man!

He strongly disagrees with gay marriage and says it is ruining gods plan. However, he also says we must respect them whoever they are or whatever their background. People in the Vatican say that he is a man of prayer and a godly man.

Pope Francis said that his first job is to sort out the sex scandals of the Vatican and clear its name.

By Phinehas

35% of children get cyber bullied everyday

Many people get bullied all over the world. People judge others for what they see on the outside and not in the inside.

The other day a young girl named Mille was bullied at school because of her weight, people said she was too skinny people said she was anerexious she would get called names she didn’t like. One time her mother caught her just in time before committing suicide she says silly things about she don’t want to live.

Cyber bulling is a cruel and horrible thing to do to others treat people how you would want to be treated. Many people have trouble in life of being bullied.

If you could see yourself and what you’re doing would you put a stop to this!?

By Sirah

As you know, many people participated  in this year’s Comic Relief 2013. It was an absolute success, we raised a record winning £75,107,851. As you may also know the famous pop singer Jessie J shaved all her hair off for charity, so many people donated money for that too!

Nearly the whole of Rooks Heath School  performed the well known Cameo -  Candy Dance. All we had  to do was learn the dance and pay 50p to get out of period 4 !

   By Sapphyre

Horse meat

The horsemeat scandal has been going on behind our backs, I think they should have been straight up about and people probably wouldn’t have minded but horsemeat has been found in many catering companies

I have a few comments from people:

“I think it was wrong that they lied to us and that they should be honest.”

Another comment from a boy was:

“I don’t feel that any meat is clean anymore and that I don’t know what is real beef or what is stuffed with horsemeat.”

Many puns and jokes are being made but still people are angry.

By Zach

Oxford students protest Harlem Shake sacking

Oxford University [London] students have come to a protest about the Pprinciple’s sacking of a librarian who failed to stop about 30 students performing the Harlem Shake in a School library.

Student leader Ellen Gibson told AFP that the librarian has been threatened and treated unfairly.

The video has attracted a number of 5,000 views on Youtube before it was taken down.

The video had a point where everyone is wearing a dress and doing a silly dance.

A person named Nashed was sacked for not stopping this on February 17.

By Sandeep

Pressure to ‘Fit` In.

Teens all over the country get pressured into something they’re not.

They constantly get peer pressured to be or act in a way they don’t want to, not everyone gets pressured into smoking or drugs but many people get pressured to do and act in a way they don’t like

 They get judged by what they look like, what they do, what they enjoy and what the wear and say. It’s one thing being called names because your ‘different` to everyone else,  if you have a different talent or skill but it’s worse when people make you feel that the only thing you can do is give in and become one of their group, all the same.

 A Year 8 pupil from Harrow said, “Throughout our lives were told to be individual and different, yet people pick on you if you’re different, people don’t realise it’s good to be different, as if we were all the same it would be boring”.

Another student said, “They expect you to stick to what they’ve always seen you as but when you change they react and judge you”.

Not only are students pressured to look, act, say the same things but also their academic achievements. Teachers and parents can also pressure children to get high grades and give up things they like and enjoy.

Another pupil said, “They expect us to get high levels and if you don’t get what you’re intended to get, they get disappointed”.

It’s good to be different and stand out it makes you unique.

By Honey

Helen Skelton magnificent  7

Helen Skelton was challenged to do 7 challenges for comic relief. Every year Helen challenges herself to huge challenges to raise money for comic relief but this year she challenged herself to not only one huge  challenge, but 7.

Helens first challenge was to start a rugby kick off and learn how to kick it through the posts in one week  at Twickenham stadium. She also appeared on the west end stage; in two musicals in one night. Another of Helens challenges was to take to the skies in Lincolnshire with the red arrows. She added: “This challenge is all about team work and it’s really important that we all rally together. I’ve seen first-hand how Comic Relief makes a big difference and changes people’s lives for the better, both here in the UK and in Africa.”

 Other Comic Relief news: The Humber Bridge was awash with colour as more than 500 flags were draped from Hessle to Barton in the name of Comic Relief.

The artwork, which spanned the full length of the bridge, was put in place for a few hours on Saturday, setting a new world record for the largest bunting line. She said: "I am relieved and so proud of everyone who has been involved.

"It just shows a little bit of effort from a lot of people can make a massive difference.

"I am hugely grateful to everyone who has been part of this project and to the people looking after the Humber Bridge for allowing us to use it for our world record attempt."

The bunting line was made up of 517 flags, each measuring two metres, and individually designed by girl groups as part of the Girl Guiding charity.

Helen is hoping to inspire everyone to take up a challenge of their own this year to raise money for Comic Relief.

You can watch Helen’s Magnificent 7 on Blue Peter, Thursdays at 5.45pm on CBBC.

By Chloe

Justin Bieber Attacked Paparazzi

Justin Bieber might have lost his temper with the paparazzi and threatened them, he might have turned up late to his own concert and he might have had a few short-tempered meltdowns, but as usual he has an excuse for everything! After fainting backstage during a show at London’s O2 Arena, Justin Bieber clashed with a photographer as he was trying to leave the Langham Hotel.

Here is what Justin said:

"It was a hard week. I was working out every morning and had a huge show every night," he told Germany's  newspaper Bild. "When people are pushing their camera in your face all day long and yell mean things at you [it's hard]. I'm only human, too. I’m far away from home; I miss my family, my siblings and my friends."

Justin’s mum Patti, and step-brother Jaxson, have now joined him in Portugal, so hopefully he's cheered up a bit now. He's also had a support him through his worst week. Firstly, Will Smith gave him a call, and then One Direction's Louis Tomlinson said some nice things too. And now Justin's getting round to thanking people.

Also Justin's manager Scooter Braun spoke out to reassure fans than Justin's JUST FINE too. He told E! last night: ''There's nothing wrong with him. He's in a great place. Justin is good, really good.''   

By Mercedes 

The Popularity of Minecraft

Good afternoon. We now report on the new game which is going down a storm with teenagers.

Minecraft™, the sandbox building game that took the world by storm. It was created by Swedish programmer Markus "Notch" Persson and was later developed and published by Mojang™. It was publicly released for the PC on May 17, 2009 .

In the game you can play on two primary modes; Survival mode and Creative mode. In Survival mode you start a random point in a randomly generated world. You have a health bar and an empty inventory, you need to collect blocks and materials, build a home and craft tools and weapons  to defend yourself against the monsters (or mobs) that come out at night. Or you can play on Creative mode, in which you have unlimited materials and the ability to fly. This gives you infinite possibilities of what you can build.

Children and also a few adults enjoy the freedom of building whatever they want, Zach, aged 13, has expressed his liking for Minecraft by saying “I think Minecraft lets you free your imagination and build whatever the hell you like. And my favourite bit about it all is the online battles I have with my friends”

Clearly this growing game has infinite potential and over 100,000,000 people have bought it and more still are.

By Haider

13 Year Old Bullied in to Gang!

On Monday 13th March 2013 a young boy called Ayden, aged 13 was walking to the shop across the road from him when he saw a group of middle aged boys hanging around a street corner. They kept looking at him while he was walking. Ayden Press said he tried his best not to look over at them but they kept shouting rude and hurtful words at Ayden.

 As Ayden was in the shop, he looked so see where they had gone. When he looked over, Ayden saw that they had moved on down the road but only in Ayden’s direction. Ayden said he didn’t know what to do, he was freaking out. Ayden had no phone or anything on him, only his money that his Dad had given him to go to the shop. Ayden walked out of the Shop.

35% of children get cyber bullied!

As Ayden was walking home; he didn’t see them in sight.

Only when Ayden walked in to his block of flats did he see them and he said he didn’t know what to do.

Ayden said they were calling him names he had never been called before.

One of the gang members said, “You best join our gang or else”.

Ayden said he just stayed silent because he didn’t know what to do.

Two days later, Ayden was selling drugs for them only because he didn’t know what to do so he tried it.

As you can see this is bullying and it needs to STOP!

By Lauren

Pope Francis

The new Pope, Pope Francis was elected on Wednesday.

White smoke appeared and they had chosen the pope after 3 hours. The Pope had come to the crowds of people waiting outside St peters church.

1.2billion Catholics in the world were  watching as he stepped on to the balcony. He was the first priest to be a non-European as he  is an Argentinean. He is the first Latin American priest, the first Jesuit and the first to assume the name Francis.

 Hundreds of people gathered in St Peters Church to hear the Pope’s prayer and blessing.

A man said, “He is a very warming man. The new pope is a storyteller, and prefers the informal and the spontaneous to the scripted lecture”.

By Zoe

Comic Relief 2013

Red nose day was on 15th march 2013. Comic relief has been in the UK since 1985. This is the time of the year when everyone, whatever the race, religion, language, colour, age can come together to help save many lives across Africa and in Great Britain. This year comic relief has raised a record of £75 million thanks to all those who had done something funny for money, donated, or sponsored. But, what happens to the money that you give?

In the UK:

  • Young people and mental health
  • Young people and alcohol
  • Elders
  • Sex abuse
  • Young careers

In Africa:

  • Women and girls
  • Climate change
  • People affected by diseases
  • Living conditions

This year’s comic relief was thrilling and extremely funny however surely it has shown us why we should give this money. £5 pounds can help a child’s life. However this does not mean that everyone’s safe. Please keep giving in your money. Please save lives. Thank you.

By Praveega