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Reports by 8 Violet

BBC Gives Next Generation a Chance

Rooks Heath is again taking part this year in BBC Schools Report. The next generation of journalists will have their work published by the BBC, but first they need to know how to write great quality news. On the 25th February Year 8 students started preparing for the deadline, the 22nd March.

Across the country 11-16 year olds are finding out how to be journalists. The newscasters from the BBC have recorded videos for the kids. On the 22nd go to to see the work.

One of the students involved said “It gives you valuable skills in Journalism.”

Another student said that it was amazing that their work was going to be published by the BBC.

If you want to read any of the reports go to or

By Elliot


Rooks Heath is linking with the BBC and this year will be taking part in this project which starts on 25th February.

Year 8 are doing this project because they can gain some knowledge of how to be a journalist. Year 8 are learning about how to gather, find and write news for the deadline on 22nd March.

One of the students involved said “I learnt many tips in how to write news!”

One teacher said “it’s really going well!”

Find all our news reports online from 22nd March.

By Yasin


On Wednesday 13th March Pope Francis was elected after two days of voting. The voting between all the Cardinals was held at the customary St Peters Basilica in Rome.

After Pope Benedict shockingly resigned in February, the challenge was to find a new Pope. On the 11th March, Cardinals from all over the world gathered in Rome to pick the new Pope.

All the Cardinals voted for who they think should be Pope. If someone has over two thirds of the votes then he has won. If not, voting goes on, sometimes even months!

Pope Francis (Jorge Maria Bengoglia as he was known) is the first Pope from outside Europe in over 1000 years and the first Pope ever from Latin-America. He was the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

One person said “I think he will be a very good Pope because he is a modest man.”

“I am happy with the new Pope because he is a good person” another said.

When he made his first appearance the crowd went wild.

By Roshni

Grounded American fighter jets fleet to resume duties

On the 1st March 2013 hundreds of  F-35 fighter jets were grounded in America after a cracked turbine blade found in a jet prompted the suspension.

The fault was detected during a routine inspection at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Thousands of F-35s are due to be made for the US and its foreign partners. The F-35 is the Pentagon's most expensive weapons programme, with a cost of nearly $400bn (£260bn). The plane has been having many problems - it is seven years behind schedule and has required numerous re-designs because of delays in software delivery and bulkhead cracks.

Tests showed that this was a "unique" problem and not a design flaw. The team has determined that no root cause is sufficiently understood for the F-35 to safely resume flights.

The Pentagon later confirmed that all its 51 planes had been cleared to resume flights.

By Anish

New Pope Strikes Rome

On 13th March a new Pope was picked. Pope Francis I was elected as the new pope of Rome and appeared to the cheering crowd outside St. Peter’s Basilica.

The election process started on 11th March in the morning. Pope Francis I was the first Pope to be picked from South America. White smoke appeared from a chimney on the roof of the Basilica meaning that a new Pope had been chosen.

“I think the new pope suits the job” one boy exclaimed.

“I think he will be a good Pope” another announced.

Pope Francis I is due to start work immediately. 

By Farahnaz

New Pope

 On the 13th March, on the second day of the conclave, white smoke appeared out of the Sistine Chapel, signifying a new Pope had been elected. Thousands gathered in St.Peters square in the Vatican City to see the person who was elected in secret.

Over 100 Cardinals were locked into the Basilica to decide who would lead the Catholic Church. No one could leave, or enter so it was just the cardinal’s decision. The vote comes after Pope Benedict XVI stepped down claiming he was too frail. Francis I is well known in Argentina for helping the poor and being very humble, he is the first Pope from outside Europe for over a millennia.

One person said “He is a good person to do it, he has done great things.”

Another said “It is good that he is the pope, he is the best person for the job”

Catholics around the world, all 1.2Billion of them, will follow the Pope and his life will never be the same.

By Elliot

Pope Chosen

A new Pope has been chosen after only one day of voting. The cardinals chose after Pope Benedict resigned thinking he was too old for the job. It was Wednesday 13th March when Pope Francis I was chosen in Rome.

There were thousands of people waiting outside St Peter’s Basilica, waiting for the black smoke to turn white. Black smoke means that the cardinals are still deciding and white smoke means that a new Pope has been chosen.

Some students had this to say

“I think that the new Pope will be a success.”

“I don’t really know how he will do.”

He came on to the balcony to see many people cheering for him.

By Nimai

Red Nose Rooks

On the 12th March Rooks Heath is planning a lot of activities in which student and teachers will be participating.

The whole of Rooks Heath will be having great activities going on like a bake sale, a raffle, a thriller music video, a comic relief show, a basketball and football competition, a tombola and a lot more.

This is what a student from Rooks Heath said:

“It was quite good” said Rochelle.

Rooks Heath is hoping to raise the most money this year!

By Terezia

Rooks Heath Gets Nosey         

Rooks Heath School have been busy planning and preparing to collect money for Red Nose Day (Comic Relief). Many of the students and teachers will be taking part to raise money for the charity.

Red Nose Day is on Friday 15th March 2013 and so the school will be hosting a Mufti Day to collect pounds. The Yr8s have organised a lot of stalls and competitions in the school on the 12th March at Lunchtime. As well as this, there is a Comic Relief Show and dance performance called ‘Candy Dance’ in which the school can take part in.

On Tuesday 12th March, a Yr8 class (8Violet) held an assembly to show the difficulties of the children of UK and Africa and also held a raffle. As entertainment, they all performed the Harlem Shake.

A student from 8V commented “It was good because it was fun and helps the children.”

Rooks Heath is hoping to raise the most money yet! Make sure you get involved………..

By Prathiga

I phone can be used as a MICROSCOPE!!

Scientists have recently used an iPhone 4S as a microscope to study stool samples. They attached a special lens to the handset to test the samples for worms. This experiment was conducted in Tanzania.

Many people think it is a good idea because it will save lot of money in poor countries. However, some people think it is not a good idea because the results might not be 100% reliable.

By Kajanan

The New Pope 2013

On Wednesday 13th March they finally chose the Pope, Pope Francis I, who was chosen because Pope Benedict stepped down.

The election took place with cardinals voting and the results were very surprising, as they chose the first Pope from outside Europe in over a thousand years.

One man said “he is going to be a good Pope.”

Another person said “he will be an alright Pope.”

The new Pope is going to start his new job immediately.

By Ejike


The new Pope has been chosen. Pope Francis I was elected to be the next Pope in Rome after Pope Benedict stepped down. This choice was taken on Wednesday 13th March in St. Peter Basilica.

The reason why a new Pope had to be elected was because Pope Benedict had resigned after not wanting the job anymore. It took two days to pick the Pope and the cheering crowds around the world waited eagerly for the cardinal’s choice.

The chimneys were a big signal for the crowd. The way the chimney works is that when black smoke comes out the cardinals are voting and still have not found out who the next Pope is, but when white smoke comes out then they have chosen who the next Pope. To be the Pope you have to get at least two thirds of the vote.

A girl aged 13 commented “I think that Pope Francs I deserve to be the new Pope as he is modest and lives a simple life.”

The Pope had requested for the crowd to pray for him. Good luck to the new Pope!

By Saumya

TV Channels for Dogs.

An Israeli TV company has launched a channel just for dogs. Dogs are colour blind so the shades on the screen have been developed for them to see. Also, music is chosen for the dogs to make the TV shows more interesting.

One person said “I think dogs don’t need this because humans don’t need TV.”

One woman said “I think it is a bit silly really.”

Programmes on Dog TV are designed to give pets left home alone some company.

By Vithushan