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Reports by 8 Red

Comic Relief 2015 at Rooks Heath College

Rooks Heath has always celebrated Comic Relief with a bang! Always trying to beat its previous total by coming up with innovative and new ideas. A previous total of roughly £2000, is hoped to be smashed by Rooks Heath.

 Everyone will try to participate with anything they can from setting up stalls to creating posters. The Rooks Heath community has never stood back before and never will. Last year members of staff at Rooks Heath decided that they would do something funny for money by shaving of their hair, also a more strategic idea holding a bake sale and the traditional idea of holding an ordinary raffle. So the standards were high.

Rooks Heath started their fundraiser on the Tuesday of 10th of March.

Years 7’s plan to set up stalls like everyone else however; they hope that their main source of money comes from dressing their head of year Mr Sharp, as a Banana. A year 7 student said, “It is amusing to see our head of year dressed as a Banana as it is hilarious. We believe that people would pay to see this torture undergo as Mr Sharp is one of the strictest teachers and I believe he won’t be very happy, yet it’s Comic Relief. He can’t say anything.”

Year 8’s are hoping to take photos on the day and send them to a company to transform them to key rings. A minimum of £1 is required and students are allowed to make funny poses.

Year 9’s are planning to charge students £1 in order for them to try and shoot against a goalkeeper. For every pound that a student pays, 3 shots will be given in return. For each goal that is scored a prize will be rewarded.

Year 10’s are making money by allowing children to pie members of staff on the face. Again, a pound will be the required sum. A selection of staff will be pied. A member of staff in Rooks Heath said, “What a fabulous idea. However, if anybody dares to pie me I would say no but, it’s for charity end of the day so I may consider it.”

This year the year 11’s and the six formers are working together to create a comic relief show available to anyone if you pay a pound to receive a ticket. The show will be held in the hall after school, they say it is the best show of all time.

In conclusion, the Rooks Heath community hopes that this Comic Relief is memorable.

By Haasher, Enoch, Savitha, Maryan and Saeda


Rooks Heath's Comic Relief Fundraising!

We are here in Rooks Heath to see what this school is doing for Comic Relief. They will be raising money for charity. This started last week and is continuing this week. So far, it has been amazing seeing the whole school take part in a wide range of activities.

Each year group has been doing different things to help raise money for Comic Relief. Year 7 is doing Treasure hunt, Year 8 is doing a bake sale and a photo booth where friends can take funny pictures, Year 9 is doing pie the teacher event, Year 10 is doing a fair in the hall with things like guess the sweets in the jar, dare game, staring contest etc. and Year 11 is doing a fair as well in the hall with games and activities too!

Anita said ‘it has been amusing and interesting, every day we have been doing something very fun.’ We also asked Mirwais what he thought of red nose day. ‘It was spectacular; I had a great time especially the dance off.’

Also, every year group did a dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ which was hosted by the P.E teachers. Some year 8 girls said ‘it was so much fun, we had a dance off with boys against girls and it was hilarious. We think that the girls won the dance of because we were way better than the boys.’

The whole of Rooks heath is determined to raise money for comic relief and are trying to raise more money than last year’s roughly £2000 for sports relief. The events will be taking place in the hall on 15th march 2015. 

By Haasher, Enoch, Savitha, Maryan and Saeda


Technology has advanced a lot since the 20th Century. From the traditional sword that lasted hundreds of years to missiles and lasers we have now. From a very slow mail system to social media sending messages hundreds of miles away in a matter of seconds. Technology has pushed its way into the lives of children who now carry around the latest phones in their pockets.                                                                            

Doctors say that the technology can perhaps be dangerous, but Sagityan thinks differently.

“I think differently because, let’s take one industry; the medical industry has improved the lives of thousands of people nationally. Thanks to technology doctors can find the cause of problems more easily.”

Ryan says “without technology society would be in pieces even though it is causing pollution, destroying nature and helping global warming in a negative way. Nonetheless, through technology, society can improve. Global warming can be helped. It is only a matter of time until technology does yet more phenomenal things.”

In this, it shows technology can be good and bad with both positive and negative effects. We need to try and counteract the negatives.

Savitha say “It is cool and new. Technology has changed people’s lives for the better. Even though some people don’t like technology due to the negative influence on teenagers, I believe that it is good for everyone.”

In conclusion technology isn’t bad; it is how you use it that actually counts and matters. Also, gadgets are improving the world it is discovering and creating cures within grasp. With this being said, technology may even the impossible possible. It is changing humanity.

By Ryan, Ali, Sagityan and Anita