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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Reports by 8 Red

Debate Mate At Rooks Heath

Rooks Heath is currently participating in ‘Debate Mate’ which is a club held after school in AF12 on Wednesdays for Year 9 and 10s, to help them build confidence and arguing skills.

So far students of Rooks Heath have participated in two Debate Mate competitions, one Bushey Academy and one at Rooks Heath, in which six schools joined in.

Ms Plant, who is running the club, said that “It is a good thing to come after school and debate. It has been fun for the students”. Nathan, a participant in the competition said “ It feels good. I like debating it gives you a chance to learn to be confident and gain better arguing skills.”

Rooks Heath students will be at the London School of Economics tomorrow participating  in a one day knockout competition.

By Quianu, Soren, Pawel and Nabil

International Evening At Rooks Heath

 On Tuesday 11th of March from 4:30pm-6:00pm there was an international evening at Rooks Heath in the school hall involving staff and students who organized various stalls to represent different cultures.

The evening was improved from last year by moving it from the Rookery to the Hall so that musical acts could take place on stage where everybody could see.

Everybody enjoyed the event and Mrs Corzberg felt it was a wonderful way to celebrate all the different cultures at Rooks Heath and enjoy some wonderful cuisines.

This is an ongoing event at Rooks Heath and plans are already in place for next year.

By Altin, Eduard, Houston, Jennifer and Reem

Students 'Speak Out'

On Monday 31st March twenty one Year 10 students will be participating in a ‘Speak Out’ workshop in preparation for the ‘Speak Out’ challenge on the 5th May.

Generously, Jack Petchey, a business man donates money to enable the workshops to take place. This year the first round will be taking place at Nower Hill.

The aim of the challenge is to help students develop their public speaking skills.

Ms. Humphreys, who organises the workshop with the help of the organisation,  thinks that this sort of opportunity for students is ‘invaluable’.

This will be the fourth year that Rooks Heath has participated and it is hoped we will be victorious.

By Brandon, Priskilla, Rasitha and Austin

Shaving Heads For Sport Relief

 On the 17th March, at lunchtime in the dance studio students and teachers from Rooks Heath School shaved their heads for Sport Relief.

Mr Todd, Mr Clark and Mr Matland took the whole of lunchtime to shave the heads of willing volunteers. Many students took part, as well as teachers, including Mr King, Mr Miranda, Mr Mahon and Mr Pitchforth.

Mr Todd said that he was pleased with the amount of people that participated and also suggested that they would have doubled the money if Mr Sharp had shaved his head!

Mr King said that he was now jealous of people with hair in this cold weather.

It is hoped that the school has raised more than they did last year.

By Tushar, Fathiya, Hana and Rava