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Modern Times

Rooks Heath’s contribution, raising thousands of pounds, was part of a nationwide effort and our goal was to beat the total we set in 2013.

It is said we had raised more than £1,000 this year but the actual number is unconfirmed.

Our efforts started on Thursday, when beforehand, we paid our pound to take part in a dance to the tune of ‘Uptown Funk’. The next day, we paid another pound to come in mufti, which in my opinion, allowed us to express ourselves and was a refreshing change from school uniforms.

Efforts will continue into Tuesday and Thursday, with the Comic Relief show – but you’d better buy your tickets quickly, as they are going fast. Whereas for the ‘Teacher Pie’ event, you have plenty of time; tickets cost £1 and you can buy as many as you want. Only then you can throw a pie at a selection of teachers, such as Mr Sharp, Mrs Grover and Mr Todd. Others include Mr Williams, Mrs Corzberg and Dr Reavley.

That money will add to the already-raised £1.04 billion, which will help underprivileged children in Africa and Asia; and hopefully join the efforts to aid the recently hit pacific nation of Vanuatu.

By Amin and Kyle



Comic Relief at Rooks Heath

Comic relief was approaching fast, and as a school Rooks Heath had put on various fundraising activities during the week, starting on Wednesday 11th March.

There was also a mufti day on Friday 13th March where a donation of £1.00 applied. During that day the students were allowed to paint their faces, and a prize was  given for the most amusing face.

There were lots of activities to raise more money for comic relief such as

· The bake sale—students and staff took part to make the food and as a result we earned a lot of some money for comic relief.

· The photo booth

· The dance in the playground

· The treasure Hunt

We  asked a pupil on her opinions of the comic relief fundraising ideas, she said ‘It was very enjoyable and we raised a lot of money for comic relief!’

The main highlight, however, is the ‘Rook Heath Comic Relief Show’ that is  performed by the sixth form students and staff. It will be a fun-packed evening of comedy, music, food, game stalls and a staff auction.  Tickets cost £1.00 and the show is tonight, and begins at 7:00pm.

By Aamina, Aurela, Nilam and Sajidhaa


Cyclone Pam

 There has been a big cyclone, that is referred to as the monster storm and has destroyed some small Islands off the eastern coast of Australia. The cyclone is another example of extreme weather that has the World in recent years, as part of climate changes. The cyclone has destroyed: Vanuatu, Efate, Erromango, Tanna and Aneityum. Teams carried medical supplies such as food, water and shelter equipment to Tanna and Erromango. Getting help to the islands has been difficult because of a lack of places to disembark or deep water ports. Tanna has about 30,000 people living there and it was directly in the path of the cyclone which is a misfortune for all the people who lost their homes and families. Now the storm is travelling in the direction of

New Zealand. Scientists are struggling to assess all the damage. The winds go up to speeds of 168mph.

Mr Lonsdale quoted: “This is a very devastating cyclone in Vanuatu. I term it as a monster, a monster. It’s a setback for the government and for the people of Vanuatu”. 


Ghost Performed in Rooks Heath School

 Ghost the musical was performed on February 11th, 12th and 13th. The tickets were being sold for £5 each and all students and teachers were welcome to attend. Ghost was performed in the school’s haul and the performance was performed by year 10’s, 11’s and 12’s.

Ghost the musical is about a happy and young American couple named Sam and Molly. Sam and Molly recently moved to New York.  After a night out at the theatre they have a quiet, slow stroll back to their new apartment when all of a sudden, disaster strikes. No matter how much Molly is mourning Sam’s death, she still has to figure things out and keep herself safe. After Sam is killed, he finds himself trapped in the body of a ghost due to unfinished business. As a ghost, Sam manages to find a way to protect Molly, his business and his money.

A student from Rooks Heath commented “What a thrilling performance, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.” Another student from Rooks Heath commented “It was such an amazing performance. I really enjoyed it.”


A Solution for Pollution?

Can Hybrid Cars Prevent Pollution?

 Road transport is one of the biggest sources of pollution. Road transport  gives out 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) . Carbon dioxide is one of the main reasons for climate  change. Pollution also has effects on the health of people and animals. But hybrid cars could prevent pollution. Hybrid cars use a normal petrol engine but with an electric motor and a battery. This can reduce the amount of pollution. Some hybrid cars are able to operate on their electric motor alone. The hybrid drive can be used to reduce emissions. Not only do the electric cars stop pollution but can reduce the amount of noise. Other petrol and diesel cars make a lot of noise and can disturb people. These cars also appear to be cheaper than electric cars which makes the affordability. Prince Charles's opinion on a hybrid car was “If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for me.” That’s how you should feel when you drive a hybrid. There are now many hybrid models in the UK and  theyare becoming immensely famous in other parts of the world. In addition to fully hybrid cars there are also micro hybrid cars too. So, will this be the solution for pollution?