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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Reports by 8 Orange

                              Government announces 2013 budget.

The government has said that the countries that the money will be spent for the next 12 months in the 2013 budget.

Nowadays the economy is bad so we improve it by raising or collecting money for projects. The Chancellor George  Osborne wants to improve the travel industry, create new jobs and also protect the National Health Service and the money given to schools. Everyone in the country hoped the money would be used for good.

Key points of the budget

  • 600,000 new more jobs will be coming as same as last year.
  • Less money is given to council than the last year.

By Bishwo

Government gives the Comic Relief 16 million

Lenny Henry told on a Friday that they are going to give 16 million to a women  in Africa and to the kids which makes a total of 32 million pound.

This money will save many lives including babies and adults, which is mainly focused on females. There has been already a comic relief in Uganda for females as well, which makes the women’s right stronger and stronger.

This donation will able to give money rights and will improve the agriculture in Africa.

By Sulaksan

Comic Relief 

Thank you so much for everyone who contributed towards the charity. A massive amount of money has been raised to Africa with a variety of events and activities in schools. This money is thought to go to the less fortunate and homeless across Africa. The money is going to make a huge difference to a lot of lives. A lot of events happened including; bake sales, Jessie j shaving her head, games, entertainment, shows, performances etc. Africa is really going to appreciate the amount of money and what’s going to be more amazing is that the total raised is over £75 million.

By Thiviya

Comic Relief

Britain has been raising money for children who are in need both in Africa and the UK. This year, 2013, Britain has raised a staggering £74,107,851 so far. The comic relief team raise millions of pounds to tackle the root causes of poverty and social injustice. This year, singer Jessie J, shaved her head bald and raised over £500,000!
Speaking to Dermot O’Leary, the singer Jessie J said, ‘’It’s the weirdest feeling ever!’’
She also added ‘’I wanted to do something that wasn't just for today and wasn't just for five minutes, it's going to last a few months. It will remind me and hopefully others that every day you should do something good if you can’’.


By Abira

Harlem Shake

 The Harlem Shake is the latest internet craze which was started by five teenagers from Queensland, Australia, who registered on YouTube as TheSunnyCoastSkat.

They decided to upload their video on YouTube on 2nd February. This video went viral and began to be replicated making it the latest internet meme of 2013. It is usually about half a minute long and is danced to Harlem Shake by Baauer. Almost 12,000 versions of the Harlem Shake have been uploaded on YouTube since the first video was made and they continue to be made on a daily basis.
By Akosua


Most Harrow pupils get school of their choice!


NEARLY all students have been offered a place on one of their top three choic es of secondary Schools.

The positive news is that, about 91 per cent has been offered one of their top three choices, while 71 per cent have

 been offered their own first choice.

 Parents whose children’s where not offered one of their top three choices have been offered

 an alternative school. The Council tried their best to get all pupils in the school that they wanted.

By Saranya

The Jubilee Lunch At Rooks Heath School

On Thursday 31st may 2012 Rooks Heath School celebrated 60 years of the Queen as a monarch. They celebrated by the whole school eating lunch together in D block cage. The school had a lot of fun.

These are some of the opinions of the school members:

“This was a great opportunity for the whole school to spend time together,” student.

“The whole school spent time together and had fun,” student.

“This was a good day and the school had lots of fun” Head Teacher.

By Adriana

This Year’s Hair Raising Comic Relief

Jessie J after shaving her hair.

On the 15th March 2013 Comic Relief broadcasted on BBC. This yearly event raised a staggering £75,107,851 this year, for millions of less fortunate people throughout the world.

This year 12.2 million people watched the charity TV show. The show was full of funny comedy sketches, performances, and heart breaking stories of less fortunate children throughout the world. The show went to new extremes with Jessie J shaving of her hair for charity

The fund raising was also helped by bake sales, raffles, and games that many different organisations and schools organised.

By Chhaya

Comic relief

Comic relief was a great event there was loads on events.

There was a sit down where Peter Kay had to sit down for a whole week as he travelled from Belfast to London, Jessie j cut off all her hair for charity and that’s not it there were baking, selling, dressing up all around the world raising money for people living in urban slums, people affected by HIV or AID’S.

They have raised an amazing amount of £75,107,851 so far! Even though comic relief was on the 15th of March you can still donate.

By Aliya

Black Ops 2

Many people have been in lines for the new Black Ops 2 game from Treyarch. But they stopped coming after seeing a line of hundreds of people. Many people have been sleeping on the floor just so they can keep their places like one man who has been there for a week. The game has had leaked information since January. The game has been popular since the first call of duty which was based on the world war and since then it has gradually made its spot in the number one games on sale.

By Hamza

Being 13 in 2013

 Thirteen-year-old teens are dealing with the physical changes in their body; puberty, emotionally as well as physically. Change is not easy for most people at any age and your 13-year-old is dealing with one of the biggest changes of their lives. This will cause your young teen to feel uncertain, moody and be hyper-sensitive to what others think of them, especially their peers. They are expected to act like adults and treated like children. Many people are stereotyping children this age because they are expected to steal, be rude and swear, there are many negatives put on them but never positive. 

By Yasin


Comic Relief

Comic Relief is an event to raise money for children living in poverty. Altogether Uk raised £75,107,851.  Peoples supported this event by doing something funny or by cutting off their hair like Jessie J did.

Our school also supported this event by doing baking sales, football, basketball, tombola and arm wrestling.

We interviewed some of our students and the responses were:

“This event was amazing. We had so much fun. Everybody were helping and supporting us.”

“This was a wonderful day. Thinking that we can help so many children really gave us strength to do this.”

Our school was really happy to have been able to help those children in need.

By Sapana

Horse meat scandal

This famous scandal has destroyed most of the trust we had in our local shops, It seems that it was only Sainsburys that have seen good fortune with it seeing surges in sales; what has been bestowed on the other shops?
Many of those shops have seen their sales fall dramatically; the lucky few were still able to produce some profit, but most shops like Tesco or Asda have suffered, this is proven by the fact of some people saying ‘’I used to always  go but now I just don’t feel as if I can trust it anymore’’   
By Piraven