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Reports by 8 Green

Comic Relief!

 Comic relief usually means a releasing of emotional or other tension resulting from a comic episode interposed in the midst of serious or tragic elements in a drama. Comic relief often takes the form of a bumbling, wisecracking sidekick of the hero or villain in a work of fiction. A sidekick used for comic relief will usually comment on the absurdity of the hero's situation and make comments that would be inappropriate for a character who is to be taken seriously. Other characters may use comic relief as a means to irritate others or keep themselves confident.

Comic Relief is something that people do to help others for example make an event which is fun and raise money; the money goes to charity. This is how people raise money to for charity. Comic relief helps people and it has been going on all over the UK throughout the year.

Here are what some people thought of Comic Relief:

Stacey age 8 – ‘I thought it was awesome to have Comic Relief because it helps people and it is fun’

Jessica age 12 – ‘suggested that it was clever to make something like Comic Relief because more people will get involved to raise money for charity’

Max age 7- ‘stated how cool it was [to make something like Comic Relief because everyone can take part in different ways to help people by raising money for charity’

By Bareen



 On March 2014 we found out about Ebola. I am writing this news article about Ebola and how it affects you, what you should do to not catch it and other vital information. Ebola is an infectious illness which you can die from. The first Ebola outbreak was in 1976 near the Ebola River. This is now the Democratic Republic of Congo. This illness was thought to be caused by fruit bats.

You can catch Ebola if you have direct contact through broken skin, or the mouth and nose also with the blood and vomit! There is some evidence that it can last for at least 6 days. Bleach and chlorine kill Ebola! To catch Ebola you have to have direct contact with someone.  This is how the virus is passed on to another person. It can take up to 2 to 21 days for the virus to show symptoms of Ebola. It takes up to 7 weeks for you to recover from Ebola. Some of the early symptoms of Ebola are a sudden fever, muscle pain, headache and sore throat. After this happens you can get vomiting, diarrhoea, a rash and bleeding, this can happen in the gums, eyes and nose. Most patients die from dehydrating and failure with their organs.

 There is no cure yet proved for Ebola. People who are really ill with Ebola have to be rehydrated. When this happens the patients have to go in an isolated room, then they are taken care of by medical experts. Lots of different vaccines are being tested; if the trials of the vaccines work they give them to the healthcare people first so that they don’t catch it and so that they can treat the patients who have Ebola.

Lots of people have escaped Ebola by avoiding contact with people who have it. Don’t touch anything and don’t share anything with that person who has the disease. If any of your family members have Ebola you should wear gloves and equipment that protects you like masks and wash your hand regularly.

It had all started when people found out they had Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in West Africa, these countries were the worst affected areas of the Ebola outbreak, and this illness was found out in March 2014. The Ebola outbreak started in Guinea; this place had never been affected before, it then quickly spread. It then spread in Nzerekore, in south- eastern Guinea, it then spread to the capital Conakry, and went to Liberia and Sierra Leone. In October, a nurse in Spain was the first person to have the virus outside of West Africa.

The virus has taken hold in major urban areas; this allows it to spread easily. The countries most severely affected by the disease have the weakest health systems! In these countries they don’t have qualified doctors and nurses; they also don’t have the appropriate equipment and resources to help get over the virus.

The fatality of Ebola is 50% and there were 90% in past outbreaks!

This virus is the largest and complex Ebola outbreak since the virus was discovered this is very terrible! It has killed millions of people including young ones.

By Hafsa


World War II Classic 'Testament of Youth' Has Been Made into a Film

 The classic memoir of World War II the ‘Testament of Youth’ has now been made into a film by the BBC.  The journal, written by Vera Brittain, recounts the shocking realities of war that people came to face at the time.  The autobiographical account combats the propaganda sold to young people at the time, which fantasized war as a heroic thing to be part of.

The story is particularly interesting because of its perspective from a woman (Vera) living the hard outcomes of war. Vera’s self portrayal of war, starts from where she finally achieves her dreams of going to university, over her reluctant father’s thoughts about the female role in society at the time. She then falls in love with her brother’s best friend, Roland Leighton as they too go to university. Suddenly, the outbreak of the World War means that the men must enlist themselves to fight out on the front. Desperate to play her role, Vera volunteers as a nurse and leaves her well-earned place at university behind. She then comes to term with the harsh realities and griefs of war by working under the most difficult circumstances and losing her brother and the love of her life.

The film features Alicia Vikander as the main character, Vera Brittain and Kit Harington as Vera’s fiancé: Roland Leighton.

The powerful motion picture shows the futility of war at its highest and expresses Vera’s full minded thoughts on war and her experience. 

By Hamdi


Comic Relief: Record Breaking Red Nose Day 2015

 A record breaking Red nose day raised £78 million for Comic Relief. Comic Relief has been fundraising for over 30 years and has been said to be helped about 50 million people. Comic relief founder said he was ‘enormously proud’ but ‘a very strange moment for me. When a bunch of comedians got together all those years ago we dreamed of raising a million or two, and never imagined the generosity that would be shown by the British public for so many years.

Figures tell us that the billions of pounds have helped around 50 million people in the UK and overseas. 50 million people whose lives have been changed or saved by the generosity of people they've never met.

Comic Relief has made a huge effort to help children in Sub-Saharan Africa, as the number attending school has increased by 46.5 million. Moreover they have helped protect 6 million people from malaria in Africa.

The show began with Radio DJ Dermot O’Leary completing a 24-hour danceathon. By the end of the live programme, £78,082,988 had been raised - taking the total amount raised by Comic Relief to £1,047,083,706.

Well done everyone who took part!

By Srilakshmi


Syrian Refugees

In our English class we have recently read a book by the author Benjamin Zephaniah which has got me thinking about the many refugees in Syria.  Almost 3 million people have fled their homes across the border of Syria because of the imbrued civil war that has submerged the country. The daily flow of men, women and children has become one of the largest forced migrations since World War Two Thousands of men, women and children have been separated form each other during the civil war never knowing how their lives will be without their loved ones. Many refugees have settled in camps one of them is the Za'tari camp in Jordan. Thousands of refugees who have fled their homes because of the war live there in poor conditions never knowing if they will be alive for the next day but just trying to make their day counts no matter what they have been through.

Every day, thousands of Syrian refugees walk early in the morning to the entrance of Za’atari camp and form a long queue. For hours, they wait for lorry deliveries, fighting for each centimeter of space. Nobody knows what is going to be distributed, yet they wait because they have nothing. Screaming and arguing. One person says under the rain, the sun, in the middle of the wind, they queue because it is thonly chance to survive. ‘Yet here we take advantages of the food and the shelter we have on top of our heads we take advantage of our education because we don’t understand what will happen if we don’t have simple things like this’.

A book that I have read which really sums up the things about the refugees are a book called Refugee Boy. This book is about a young fourteen year old boy, he is in London with his father on the best holiday he has ever had, and only then the unthinkable happens he wakes up in a hotel room finding out that he is now left alone in a big, unfamiliar country. Overnight he has become a refugee, as a violent civil war is going on back in his home country of Ethiopia and Eritrea.  Alem has an Ethiopian father and Eritrean mother. His father makes the heartbreaking decision to leave him in London, but hopefully safe at last.

 Guided by the Refugee Council and Social Services, Alem’s new life brings with it new challenges. From court hearings to children’s homes where he gets bullied - to life changing friendships and a warm welcoming and loving foster family with an amazing Irish foster mother and her 17 year old daughter. However, it isn’t all good news.  He hears from his father that his mother has disappeared and he fears the worst.  Later he hears that his mother has been found – dead. His foster family tries to comfort him and his is surprised that his foster sister who has been hostile to him is the only one who actually knows how he might be feeling and acts like a mother to him.  His father arrives in England and the bitterly hard road to acquire refugee status begins.  When his application to seek asylum is twice rejected, his school friends organise a mighty petition, signed by thousands, and a huge demonstration, joined by fellow pupils, parents and even teachers. Alem is determined to take control and, to leave behind his refugee label, to become Alem Kelo an African, a Peacemaker and no longer just a Refugee Boy. As Alem tries to stay strong throughout all that happens to him, he finds that some people seem to understand more than others.

This is a heart rending story that shows how strong children can be. Reading this book opens your eyes into the world of refugees in England or even other countries where children have been a witness to their parent’s death. Benjamin Zephaniah, the author, wants us to think about others outside of our safe little world. He shows us how important friends are and how much people need to care for each other. He shows how people can work together to change someone’s life and he shows that everyone counts.  He also reminds us of the act of setting up a small petition can turn into a huge petition which can make a massive difference in someone’s life.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand the emotional trauma of a child's unplanned journey of life. You will experience the highs and low whilst Alem begins to understand, why his parents, and friends did what they felt they needed to do it keep him alive and safe.

I would rate this book 9 out of 10 this is because Benjamin Zephaniah includes and puts forward points about racism and refugees very clearly.  This book shows that someone does not suddenly decide to be a refugee because they want to but because they are trying to escape persecution or any political issues in their homeland, and in the case of Alem Kelo it was because he was trying to get away from war and the damage it is doing to their country, both physically and emotionally. I think that this book really links with the people in Syria who are living in conditions that are unthinkable this book allows you to empathise with the young character who may have been someone like you.

By Faza 


Fast and Furious Number 7!

 The producers of ‘Fast and Furious’ have released a trailer of ‘Fast and Furious 7’ which would have been released in 2014 but a tragedy shocked the nation when one of the stars in the movie died in a car crash.

Paul Walker is an actor well known as Brian O’ Conner from the films Fast and Furious franchise.

Paul Walker died as a passenger in a freak car accident.  Fans watched the trailer of the film in the Southwest Festival it was a public screening which left the fans in tears as they remembered him.

The film I understand ends with the words “For Paul” written in black against a white drop.

The film will be available on the 3rd April 2015.  I for one am looking forward to it!  Let’s watch it and remember Paul Walker also!

By Adnan