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Reports by 8 Green

Flappy Frenzy

 “Flappy Bird”, an ‘annoyingly addictive’ mobile game has recently been taken off the App Store around the world. The game involves directing a bird through sets of pipes and was created in 2-3 days by Dong Nguyen, a Vietnam based developer. It rose to fame in January 2014, even though it was released in May 2013. The reason behind the delay in releasing this is unknown.

I think, “Flappy Bird is the most annoying and addictive game ever! I can’t put my phone down; I can’t stop playing it!” Sumairah, “My phone is completely smashed because of this game!”

In its absence, many clones of this game were appeared on the App Store: “Splashy Fish, Clumsy Bird, Flappy Wings”, etc.


It turned Dong Nguyen’s life upside down and had undesirable effects upon his ‘modest’ life. It created ‘a competitive war’ amongst people. When taken down, Dong Nguyen received death threats. ‘Hardcore’ fans would do absolutely anything to play the game.

According to him, “Flappy Bird” was designed to be played a few minutes when you are relaxed; however, it became an addictive game. It became a problem and to solve it, it was best to take Flappy Bird down.

By Rhae and Melisa

Battle of the Next-Gen

Since November, two Next-Gen consoles have been competing against each other. Originally the competition was between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PS4.

 Sony's new machine have praised its graphics for looking like movies in high definition, commended its latest Dual Shock controller added touchpad; improved thumb sticks and triggers and remarked that the console is much quieter and easier to navigate than the seven-year-old original PS3.

Xbox one can be controlled by supported IOS, Windows and Android phones. The app is called Xbox SmartGlass. Xbox one Kinect is very different to the Xbox 360 Kinect because Xbox one Kinect can now scan your face. It has Blu-ray, DVD and it is 600 GB. The only defect is that to access the Internet and to play online is not free.

Raahul of Harrow quoted, “Xbox one is more social than the PS4 but PS4 has better gaming graphics.”

Also Jordan from Harrow said, “Xbox one is expensive but you can do multi-tasking on Xbox one.”

Currently, around 6 million PS4 were sold and around 3 million Xbox one was sold. Xbox one has Xbox controller (similar to the Xbox 360 controller) and PS4 has the Dual Shock 4. The best-selling game on PS4 is Killzone Shadow Fall before Call of duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The best-selling game on Xbox one is Titanfall before Call of Duty: Ghosts and Dead Rising 3.

By Sagithan, Akas, Sulymon and Thnujan


What is K-pop?

K-pop is an abbreviation of Korean pop. K-pop is a genre with lots of different genres in it such as hip hop, ballad, R&B, rock, electro pop, dance pop, bubble-gum pop and many more. It originated from South Korea. K-pop started in the early 1990s with first generation groups such as Seo Taiji and Boys, H.O.T. Baby V.O.X, S.E.S, Fin.K.L, 4Men and more. After these groups more idol groups started debuting and as more groups started debuting k-pop started getting more and more popular.


During the couple of years k-pop has gotten more popular, it is pretty much mainstream in most countries in East Asia and South East Asia, however, now K-pop is pretty much worldwide especially from the fame from PSY has gotten from both of his songs, ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman’, actually ‘Gangnam Style’ is the most viewed video on YouTube with nearly two billion views! However,  that is not when K-pop actually started becoming popular, back in 2009 a girl group called Girls’ Generation also known as SNSD/So Nyuh Shi Dae released a song called ‘Gee’ which now has an over hundred million views also Big Bang’s song ‘Fantastic Baby’ has over nighty ninety nine million views.

As K-pop has gone more popular I have realized that more people from different countries have started to join K-pop groups such as China, Japan, Thailand, USA and many more. 2 out of 5 groups have foreign members in them.​

What people think

I personally love K-pop; I think it is very addicting once you get into it. I personally do not know how to speak Korean however you should not need to know the language to be able to enjoy the music.

Prativa, 12 says “I like K-pop. My favourite K-pop groups are B1A4, Big Bang, B.A.P, B2ST, 2NE1.  My favourite idols are Lee Sandeul and T.O.P.

Ashma, 13 says “I think it’s a very beautiful country and the boy groups are just amazing and cute, you can listen to their songs every day and it’s very catchy.”

By Simran

How To Cut Down On Cunning Crime

 Crime is in all sorts of forms, but today I am going to talk about shoplifting and how businesses can stop this. To define the meaning of shoplifting it means a person takes an item from a shop without paying for it.

It is becoming a problem in the UK and the rest of the world. Thieves use different techniques to get their hands on products. For example one may try distract the staff and whilst another goes back and steals.

Did you know that shoplifting is the most common crime?

The obvious way to cut down on crime is to have cameras but not any type of camera…

 You need 360 cameras; these cameras allow you see the blind spots especially if you have a large shop. If you are a staff member you should be careful if somebody is asking you where something is and keep your eyes peeled at all times. Shoppers should make sure that their own items are secure and not to keep their bags open.  If you see someone acting suspiciously report it to a member of staff.

I am not here to make you paranoid, I am just here giving you tips.

By Rahul

 Fast and Furious Star Dies

Oh no!!

 On 30th November 2013 in Valencia California, “Fast and Furious” star, Paul Walker died in an atrocious car crash. They have estimated that the car Walker was racing in was going at towering speed of 100 mph.

He died due to traumatic and internal injuries and his driver Roger Rodas died of multiple traumatic injuries also. They thought the two men, may have consumed alcohol; however, this was not detected on any of them

It was also reported that they lost control of the car which struck a sidewalk. The driver’s side struck a tree and then a lamp post. Also as they crashed into the tree, the car caught fire and appeared to have been cut in half. Unluckily the star was still in the process of filming Fast and Furious 7 when this tragic incident had happened. The film is expected to be released later this year; however will it be the same without Walker? We shall see.

Walker and Rodas both own a major racing team; Rodas was a professional driver. It is  ironic how fast they drove and now they have died due to high speeding

It is a  terrible moment to say that Walker can’t rise from the dead.

We look forward to “Fast and Furious 7” with bated breath – but we will miss you Paul Walker.

By Keerthigan, Rami and Kesion

Rooks Heath Goes The Extra Mile

 On Thursday the 20th of March, Rooks Heath School held a 'Run a Mile' event in an effort to raise money for Sport Relief. A large sum of money was raised to donate to the charity; many people participated in the events (even the teachers). All the pupils in Year 8 took part and most pupils from other year groups did so as well.

Each participant had to pay £1 to run a mile.  On the day, we headed to whatever lesson we had at 4th period. Since there were so many contributors, we ran the mile in groups. Quickly, our teachers took the register; then we walked to D block cage. When we arrived, Mr Todd announced told that we had to walk/run 6 laps from D block cage to S block cage in order to complete a mile. We were also informed that the two fastest people would win a special prize (one girl and one boy). The speed that we walked/ran was optional so some people finished earlier than others.

There were also separate occasions in which we raised money for Sport Relief. First of all, teachers raised money between them. Each form suggested ideas on how to raise money as a Year group.  Each day of the week, a Year group would host an event to raise money: on Monday it was Year 7, on Tuesday it was Year 8, On Wednesday it was Year 9, on Thursday year 10 and finally on Friday year 11. There were many great activities on that week such as a bake sale, sponsored head shave and a coin tossing game (you would toss a coin to hit another coin and if you won you kept it but if you lost, you gave the money to charity). These events were all fantastic and raised a lot of money and the ideas were all thought of by the pupils.

Last of all, there was also a Sport Mufti Day held on Thursday 20th March where you had to pay £1 to wear your own sporty clothes. This was great as it made running the mile easier.

Overall, we all had a thoroughly enjoyable week raising money for Sport Relief and cannot wait for it next year!

By Prativa

Vine Gone Viral

 Vine is an app which you can create and share awesome 6 second video clips with your friends and maybe even the world.

Recently big companies have started to utilize the Vine tool to advertise their products and services.

Vine just took 3 months to reach one million users. It has been said that Vine was the most downloaded app in USA: ‘That in April 2013, Vine was the most downloaded app in the USA’

Vine has secured the number 4 position in the top 5 of both IOS and Android devices. Vine app is becoming more and more popular day by day. Since the launch of the Android version of Vine app in June 2013 usage has now reached its highest.

The Vine app now has 40 million users! Vine was launched in January 2013; it is amazing to see this achievement in a year and several months. It was a tough journey competing against Instagram video. Despite new Instagram video Vine has not lost any users it seems to be going steady and strong.  We use Vine app because it is funny and entertaining.  We share as many videos with friends and family each day.

Melisa from our form tells us that "Vine is awesome and I use it all the time!"

Yay to Vine app!!

By Dalia and Sumairah