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Reports by 8 Green

Tigers being poisoned in Thailand

Poachers are killing tigers with poison for money in Thailand.

 The poachers want to kill tigers because their teeth, skin and bones are worth a large amount of money. The poachers put chemicals into meat and leave it out as bait.

Students at Rooks Heath were very shocked by this news. Shreena said ‘I feel sad and angry because they are killing the poor tigers’.

Nadia thought it was not nice to kill animals’.

It is believed that there are only 200 tigers left in Thailand.

By Aidsaya 

Bowl bought for a few, sold for millions!!!

An ancient Chinese bowl bought for $3 in 2007 by a normal family at a garage sale in New York, America has sold at an auction for $2.2 million.

The family that lived in New York went to a garage sale and bought a bowl not knowing that it was priceless! They left it on their mantelpiece for many years until 2013, when they got curious about the bowl and got bargain hunters to estimate how much it would be worth. The bargain hunters then told them that it was worth $200,000- $300,000. After that, they decided to take it to Sotheby’s Auction in New York for it to get auctioned. As soon as the auction was about to end Giuseppe Eskenazi destroyed the estimated value of the item and smashed down $2.2 million.

There were four bidders including Eskenazi. It was then revealed that the Bowl was actually 1,000 years old and from the 10th- 11th century. It is the Northern Song Dynasty Bowl it is also known as The Ding Bowl.  There is only one other bowl in the whole world like this and it is in the British Museum in London. It was sold for seven times its estimated value.

When questioned Mrs Neal she said “Oh well, I hope I have a little item like that that’s in my house.” And Mr Bob said “They were so lucky and they deserve it and I’m happy for them.”   

The priceless bowl is said to be taken back to the British Museum in London and many art inspectors will estimate its value.

By Roubin

Diana’s dresses bought for millions

An auction of Princess Diana’s dresses at Kerry Taylor Auctions in London raised £800,000 for charity.

One of the dresses went for £240,000 to a man who wanted to make his wife happy. She wore this dress when she danced with John Travolta in 1985.

The dress was one of 10 of Diana's dresses on sale as part of the ‘Fit For A Princess’ collection at the vintage fashion auctioneers Kerry Taylor Auctions in London.

Mrs Neal said ‘I think the dress is very beautiful and if it raises money for a good cause then it’s good.’

By Ema

Sacked for a dance? 

Calypso Nash, an Oxford librarian has been sacked after allowing students to film the Harlem Shake and post on YouTube .

Five students have also been fined between £30 to £60. The students danced in fancy dress on the library tables, chairs and in the aisles. One wore an American football helmet; another was dressed as a member of the Pussy Riot.

The dance took place at 11:30. It was said that Nash was in her library working but was not involved in the dance at all. The video which was publically shown on You Tube has now been removed. It had more than 500 views.

Swara, a student at Rooks Heath said, ‘ it was her fault for letting them upload and film this video but I also blame the students. They could have asked permission.’

However, Ellie said  ‘I don’t think that she should get sacked.  The students were only having a laugh and bit of fun. They should have let her off with a fine or something, being sacked is a harsh punishment’

Students are now petitioning to try and get her job back.

One Direction in Madame Tussauds 

One Direction’s wax figures will be released on 18th April at London Madame Tussauds.

It was announced on 11th March 2013 that the boys were soon to be immortalised as wax figures. The figures will be on show in New York from the 19th of July to the 11th of October, then to Sydney in Australia from 24th of October to the 28th of January.

The wax figures are in progress and the Madame Tussauds website is constantly updating the public about the progress of the boy’s figures.

The boys Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall  have been interviewed over the wax figures. The boys were super excited to be given this honour.

The boys will continue with their 2013 tour and will be there for the first showing of the wax figures.

By Nabihah

One Direction realise their AMAZING movie “This is us”

Director Mr Morgan Spurlock has been assisting a well-known boy band “One Direction” to produce a new film named “This is us. “

The movie will be a similar documentary style used by Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. It will show their life on tour and we'll see the group perform some of their hits.

The British boy band has been working with Morgan Spurlock, famous for making ‘Supersize Me.’

This news has excited many ID fans at Rooks Heath. Sagal, thinks that 1D lover’s will be fascinated and want to go and Sarah thinks that the fact it will be in 3D will be very ‘interesting.’

This film is going to be released on August 2013.


One Direction went to Africa

At the beginning of the year One Direction went to Africa for Comic Relief to learn about the trouble people face living in Africa.


One Direction went to Ghana in Africa, to learn about the tough times people had to face every day and all the terrible troubles that they had there. The One Direction boys were devastated at what they saw.

 Louis Tomlinson dyed his hair red for charity and the boys also sold the clothes they wore to Africa on eBay and gave all proceeds to Comic Relief. They also made a cover song of ‘One Way or Another’ originally sang by Blondie and even recorded their own video.  All the money they saved from making it themselves was also given to charity.          

Rooks Heath is full of hardened 1D fans, including Arti who said “I think it was good that One Direction went to Africa because they found out how bad lives could be and they now realise how lucky they actually are.”

One Direction have now learnt that they are lucky and there are lots of people less lucky than them. They will always remember their time in Africa and will always think of them and will try to keep on raising awareness for people that are less fortunate.

By Marina

Passing your driving test in Pinner is easier

You’ve just turned 17 and you think you’re ready for your driving test. Well, in Pinner apparently it’s easier.

It is said to be easier because of the easy roads in Pinner, the speed limit is only 50mph and there are no dual carriageways.

Statics show that more people passed in Pinner than in Borehamwood. 53 per cent also passed their test first time in Watford.  Many people think this is unfair and not verysafe.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Mrs Pathmanathan said ‘I don’t think it is easier passing in Pinner because if you’re a nervous driver your nerves aren’t going to change even if you go on a different road.’

The percentage of first time passes in Pinner is fifty one per cent.

By Janusanth


It Has Been A Very Red Comic Relief!!!!!

On 15th March 2013, people all over the UK have been doing something funny for money. Celebrities, schools and just ordinary people have been raising money for people that aren’t as fortunate as us.

Celebrities such as Lenny Henry, Jessie J, One Direction, Miranda Hart and even Simon Cowell have been helping to raise money. There have also been programmes such as Graham Norton’s Big Chat, Hell and High Waters and Radio 1’s Red Nose Challenge.

Varunica, a pupil at Rooks Heath said how fun the fundraising was. People are saying how amazing it is that schools have been taking part in such a great event.  The Vicar of Dibley special, the Simon Cowell wedding and One Direction’s Africa diaries were great .

This year they have raised £75, 107, 851!  This is a record!

By Alex


Sir Link a Lot rides to Rooks Heath School!!!!

Sir Link a Lot came to Rooks Heath on Tuesday 19th March to help students learn difficult spellings and commit them to memory.

During the day students in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 went to a ‘Think a Link’ session for one hour to learn how to spell difficult words. Sir Link a Lot showed them how to remember key spellings through different methods such as rhymes, images and word association.

One participant Nadia said ‘Sir Link a Lot helped us to spell difficult words and I really enjoyed it.’

Rooks Heath is hoping Sir link a lot will return next year.

By Shreena