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Reports by 8 Blue

Can Football Really Tackle Racism?

Over the years football players around the globe have been racially abused whilst at a match. Many have been abused by the crowd, referees, managers and even other players. They are either verbally or physically abused because of their race.  In the past coins, banana skins have been thrown on the pitch.  Monkey chanting has been known to be heard from members of the crowd. 

Racism still remains a very large and significant problem in English football. However it has improved a little, with many teams being heavily fined.  Many people think that whoever says anything racist during or after a football game they should be fined.  My view is that they should – hitting the clubs in their pockets should show that Football Clubs and FA that Racism will not be tolerated.

Also racism has affected people who are trying to be footballers. Most clubs have rejected them because of their race and background.  Organisations such as ‘Kick it out’ are doing their best to highlight this issue. But more needs to be done.

In 2013 why is Race still an issue in Football?

By Abdihakim (13) and Brathees (13)

High Street doom online boom!

Are online shops like Amazon, Ebay and Play Book closing down the high street shops?

Some of the most popular shops on the High Street such as HMV, Blockbusters, Game and many more have hit rock bottom by these online shops.

We have realised that when we are going to shopping centres, most of the popular shops are closed or closing down. This is because most of the shops are not getting the amount of customers that they need to make profit. On the other hand online shops are making lots of profit at cheaper prices. They do not have to pay the massive rents that the local authority demands and the cost of online shopping is far cheaper than shopping on the High Street.

We have asked our friend Sophia what she thinks about this and she has said that she thinks that it’s ridiculous because half of the people cannot always access online shopping and still likes to see and feel what she is buying.  Shopping online is not the same as meeting up with your mates and going window shopping.  Our other friend Shiantae has also said, that why close the most popular shops to make way for online shopping.  Some people don’t have time to go on internet and still like to have face to face contact with shop assistants who can deal with their enquiries straightaway.

What do you think of this?

By Sabriya 13 and Jade 13

It’s here… Red Nose Day 2013!!!

Red Nose Day finally arrived again on 15th March 2013! Last year people helped to raise £73 million that made a big change to children in need. This year a record breaking £75m was raised. Schools around England were raising money to help the charity called Comic Relief that helps children that are less fortunate than us.

Our school Rooks Heath School Schools got stuck in by with cake baking sales, our own Mufti Day and for those who wanted to keep fit taking part in the ‘Candy Dance’ or as Miss Samms calls it the ‘Electric Slide’!  We held our own Comic Relief Evening where the 6th Formers displayed their acting skills in singing and dancing.  Even the staff displayed their inner boy and girl band skills.  The male teachers – Wrong Direction showed off their dancing and singing skills – hmm, but it raised money for Charity which was what the night was all about.  The female teacher not to be out down – dressed in their pyjamas and Pjamarama was born!  It would have helped if they remembered their lines! However, it was all for a good cause.  During the evening the 6th formers had set up stalls with a Treasure Hunt, Henna painting, hula hooping and even Limbo Dancing.  It was a fun evening and we raised lots of money.

All the money raised is used for good causes in both the UK and in Africa. In the UK the funds are used to support young people living on the streets and those living with domestic abuse. In Africa the money helps treat people with malaria, provides fresh water and lifesaving vaccines.

Red noses are not only around Britain but are also floating in space!


By Aditi (13), Aneta (13) and Catalina (12)

Music to the ear or deaf to the ear?

Lots of young people wear earphones to listen to music but they do not know that wearing them all the time can damage your ears. Some people think that the design of the earphone could and should be different and make them safer from ear damage. Shiantae (12) thinks that it does damage people’s ears and maybe headphone are safer to use because with headphones they do not go into your ears as earphones do. So what do you think? Should we ban earphones? Next time you go out to buy a new pair of earphone think twice!

By Sophia 12 and Shiantae (12)

Indestructible Ship?

Is the USS Zumwalt a good idea, or will it be a ‘Titanic’ waste of money? Over the course of a few years the USA’s government has been developing a new warship. Whilst it is the pride and joy of the US’ navy and presumably unsinkable, it has been the topic of much controversy.

This modern warship is stuffed to the brim with cutting edge weapons and equipment with missile launchers, turrets capable of shooting ten rounds per minute, a helipad, modern radar and surveillance technology that can sense mines and submarines. It is powered by two Rolls-Royce MT30 engines that produce enough energy to keep a small train running for over a year. The ship’s shape makes it very hard for enemy radar to pick it up.

 However, experts say that due to the unusual shape of its hull (the deck being narrower that the bottom), if it capsized, there would be no way that it could get back up again. The Project is costing the US Government millions of dollars just to develop this new ship, and cost phenomenal amounts to build. Many ships over the years have been titled ‘unsinkable’ and yet the most famous of these ships sunk on her maiden voyage. Will the Zumwalt really be unsinkable, or will it rest on the ocean floor along with the remains of its crew?

The image is due to the courtesy of Wikimedia.

By Jack


We all know about football. The multimillionaire game that pays players more than enough money than some of them really deserves. But is that right, should footballers be paid so much?

Philip Lahm (Bayern Munich / Germany) is paid £11.9m a year and Lionel Messi (Argentina / Barcelona) £27.5m. Yaya Toure (Man City / Ivory Coast) receives £14.7m a year.  Why so much?

The average family earns £1,680 per month but with the price of housing and food increasing each year, many families see very little of that and end up in debt.  Annually the average person earns £20,160 why should footballers be paid so much?

Doctors who actually do something useful to all types of people get paid no more than £65,000 a year.  There are many people who do life threatening jobs and help people who can only dream of a footballer’s salary.

Is this salary division fair? I don’t think so – playing for 90 minutes on a Saturday to entertain people – I really do not think so!

By Joy (13)


Numbers of foxes are increasing and there is about 33,000 urban fox’s living in Britain.

 An urban fox is one that lives in a well-populated area (where humans live). They normally live in packs of 4 or 5, and stay in dens such as sheds; alleyways or they can even dig a burrow for themselves. Back gardens are there scavenging habitat for food; researchers say they will go through people bins.

Animal behaviour experts say it is likely we are seeing more foxes because they are becoming more accustomed (usual) to humans and are getting braver. He furthermore said that they are also coming out so boldly because of the behaviour of us humans; we are keeping bins out where they can food and people giving them food handouts.

Animal experts say that if you do have a fox den or a fox in your garden you should not aggravate it, if you do; you have a higher chance of getting bitten. If it still does not go, phone pest control.

By Sitesh (12) and Aniys (12)

How safe are you on the internet?

Is the internet safe?

There are many corrupted websites and games children go on to games or watch videos online instead of doing homework they are always on their computer or laptop.

Many children watch disgusting videos and parents and carer won’t know anything about it because they’ll be doing it secretly and they will erase the history before you can get to it.

You can also get bullied over the internet which happens often, this is called cyber bullying.  A number of young people have taken their lives as a result of this type of bullying.

 When children play games or watch a film there will be many viruses which make your laptop or computer break down with the many variety of pop-up advertisements.  These adverts will probably say watch this to continue and something unpleasant may come up which many young people will watch whilst corrupting their minds.

By Dinosh (12) and Amwar (12)