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Religious Studies

The department’s primary aim is to enable pupils to understand the nature of religious beliefs and practices, and the importance and influence these have on the lives of believers. To this end, a multi-faith syllabus, in line with the Harrow Agreed syllabus, is followed in Key Stage three (Years 7 and 8). Units are sequenced to reflect the major religions followed by Harrow residents. In Year 9, students will be introduced to the AQA GCSE course. It is designed to take into account the needs of pupils from a variety of religious backgrounds or no religious background at all. Conversion to any one faith is not the role of education, instead we seek to create an environment in which pupils learn to appreciate and accept the faith and practices of others. We also hope to challenge our students to examine their own beliefs and values.

Across all Key Stages, pupils are given opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding with reference to Attainment Target 1: beliefs, teachings and sources, practices and ways of life and forms of expression. Under Attainment Target 2, students will explore the impact of religion on people’s lives by studying identity and belonging, meaning, purpose and truth as well as values and commitments. For example, Hinduism and Sikhism teach that everyone is a child of God. This belief can then be mirrored and transferred to real-life situations, thus enhancing respect and acceptance. At Rooks Heath, we maintain an hour a week of PRE (Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics) throughout key stage 3.

At Key Stage 3, students of Years 7 and 8 study the six main world faiths: Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Humanism. Year 9s are introduced to AQA GCSE course. They study beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam and two themes namely, relationship and families and religion, peace and conflict.