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Psychology Department Staff  
Head of Department: Ms S. Malins
Psychology Teacher: Mr Rahman

Psychology at Rooks Heath

Department location: BG9

 Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. 

A level psychology has been taught at Rooks Heath since the Sixth Form was introduced in 2006. It is one of the most popular A level subjects with two groups in Year 12 and two in Year 13. Results are consistently good - students who are willing to work hard do very well. In September 2016 the department expanded to include GCSE psychology. This is proving to be a popular choice and we now have two groups in Year 11 and two in Year 10. Students enjoy studying psychology because it has links to many subjects, and of course relates to real life. Students study a variety of interesting topics and lessons are well-planned and varied.

From a personal perspective students should find the fundamental questions of the psychologist interesting:

Why do I behave like this (even though I may not want to?) If you have ever tried to change the way you behave, you know it is not easy! What other factors affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviour?   

Psychologists try to answer these questions by carrying out research.  Psychology is the study of such research. Students also have the opportunity to carry out their own and practical work. 

  1. Psychology is a fascinating subject, but it is by no means an easy option.  While the subject matter is accessible – mainly people, a range of skills are required to understand, analyse and evaluate information. 
  2. The goal of Psychology is to describe and understand behaviour.  This understanding will allow us to predict, control or change the way people behave.


Enrichment is an important part of psychology and students have an opportunity to visit the Museum of the Mind at Bethlem Hospital and Harrow Crown Court. We also have a psychologist who visits to talk about careers in this field.