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Physical Education(GCSE)

Core PE

Students study three one hour lessons per two week cycle in Key Stage 4 core PE. Lessons reinforce earlier learning, as well as develop new skills. We try to give students the opportunity to develop greater consistency in the selection and application of skills. Develop their basic skills specific to the needs of different activities and apply simple tactics. Students show know and appreciate the value and enjoyment of exercise and activity. Therefore creating a greater knowledge of activities and exercise and how they help to develop fitness, health and well being. 


The content of this GCSE Physical Education specification is designed to enable students to enjoy and understand the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle and develop their personal performances.

Pupils have five lessons per two week cycle of which three are practical and two are theory. Class sizes are typically 25. At the end of the course pupils are assessed in their four strongest practical activities.

AQA Full Course in Physical Education (4892

The GCSE Physical Education specification is designed to attract students with strong practical abilities. You will learn how to perform at a higher level and encompass this with the theoretical understanding to support continued involvement within sport.

It will provide a route to further study in Further Education awards, such as A levels and/or the new Diplomas, and to Higher Education in PE as well as to related career opportunities.

Practical Assessment (60%)

Four practical assessments from at least 2 groups/ ways of thinking e.g. invasion games, net games, striking and fielding. Students can choose to participate as player/ performer, organiser, leader/ coach, choreographer or official.

The activities are:

  • Football, Rugby Union, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Athletics, Weight Training and Circuit Training
  • There is also the opportunity for pupils to be assessed in off-site activities in conjunction with their external coaches. Examples would include martial arts, swimming, horse riding and golf.

Theory Assessment (40%)

The following topics will be covered:

Individual differences within sport, injuries, health, fitness and a healthy active lifestyle, components of fitness, emotional health and wellbeing, principles of training, methods of training, diet, school influences, cultural and social factors, anatomy and physiology, opportunities and pathways for becoming involved in physical activities and international factors.

Practical assessment accounts for 60% of the course and are done throughout the year at the end of each unit of work. The 4 strongest marks at the end of the one year programme are used for certification.

The remaining 40% is through a 90 minute written paper in June.