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Music Department Staff  
Head of Music: Ms Slater
Music Department Staff:

Ms Christensen

Mr Ring

Music at Rooks Heath

There is never a dull day to be had in the music department at Rooks Heath! You may find a Year 7 or Year 8 class having one of their twice fortnightly lessons, as part of an exciting curriculum playing the keyboards, guitars, African drums or singing. You may find a Year 9 Bridging Class in the midst of developing their music theory or practical skills on a range of instruments, singing in bands, recording in the studio or using music software to create new pieces of music. You may even find a BTEC class working hard to obtain their qualification, incorporating key performing, composing and theoretical skills in their coursework, and having fun in the process.

Our music department strives to meet each individual student’s needs, with an engaging curriculum balancing both theoretical and practical work using a wide range of resources. For those interested in developing their musical skills further, we compliment our classroom education program with the opportunity to have instrumental lessons with visiting professionals. These lessons are taught in small groups of similar ability and the times of these lessons change every week to ensure that students do not constantly miss the same lesson. Students also have the opportunity to participate in music ensembles, such as Guitar Group, Chamber Ensemble, and Choir. Many students form their own rock bands and make use of the practice rooms during break times to practice, with guidance from our music staff. 

All our course content is carefully structured to allow students to explore a wide range of musical styles and genres, whilst providing opportunities to progress on instruments of their choice. We give guidance to students about what they are doing well and ways in which they can improve, creating individual targets. Students are also asked to evaluate their own and others work.

Whilst students do not have to perform in front of others we do encourage all of our students to perform in small groups or to an audience to work on developing their confidence, group work skills and self-esteem. There are multiple performance opportunities throughout the year including performances in class, year level assemblies, at various nights like International Evening and Comic Relief or even mentoring and performing for the primary school students at neighbouring schools such as Heathlands or Earlsmead. We put on popular Christmas concerts most years that sell out and are enjoyed by all. We also stage our own versions of West End or Broadway shows with our very talented students. Some previous productions have included 'Les Miserables', ‘Hairspray’ and ‘We Will Rock You.’

 We arrange a variety of trips to help inspire our students. We have been to see ‘Wicked’, 'School of Rock', ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Cirque Du Soleil’, ‘Billy Elliot’ and ‘The Lion King’. We have also had the opportunity to have our choir perform at the Camden Roundhouse and broadcast over the radio. Sometimes the inspiration comes to us. We have had visits from the BBC singers, X Factor contestants Mischa B and Emilia Lilly as well as up and coming artists like DJ McNasty and Clement Marfo and the frontline.

The staff in the music department are very passionate about their subject and always look for ways to help instill the same in the Rooks Heath students. We seek new ways to engage our young musicians, and will frequently make ourselves available to work with students during lunch times, as well as after school, in order to support the musical growth of our students and help them to reach their musical potential.