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Modern Foreign Languages - French

AS/A Level

Awarding body: AQA

Who is the course for? This course is suitable for students and native speakers who have an interest in foreign languages, culture, current affairs and who enjoy studying subjects that are relevant to their own life, experiences and interests. In addition, students who are interested in foreign travel and meeting people from other countries.

What can it lead to? An A level in French will provide a sound basis for further studies at university. This will enhance your employment prospects and provide insight into another culture and society. There are many professions which involve the use of languages e.g. international companies, sales and marketing, international business, banking, law, international charities and foreign travel and tourism.

What are the entry requirements? B or above at GCSE Level.

What will you study? The specification is designed to engage students and renew or refresh their interest in the subject. Topics include media (advertising), popular culture (cinema, fashion), healthy living (sport, holidays), family relationships (friendship, marriage), environment (pollution, protecting the planet), multicultural society (immigration, racism) and contemporary social issues (poverty and technological progress).

How will you be taught? In small groups. There will be grammar consolidation, extension activities and a great deal of discussion and practical activities. You will practise all the necessary skills for the exam and expand your vocabulary base. You will be expected to do homework and independent learning.

How will you be assessed? Exams 100%     No coursework

AS Unit 1 exam: listening, reading and writing in June - 70% of AS (35% of the GCE)     100 marks

AS Unit 2 exam: speaking in June - 30% of AS (15% of the GCE)     50 marks

A2 Unit 3 exam: listening, reading and writing in June - 70% of A Level (35% of the GCE)     110 marks

A2 Unit 4 exam: speaking in June - 20% of A Level (15% of the GCE)     50 marks

What equipment or materials will you need? It will be necessary to purchase textbooks for both years.

Please click here to view the Course Information Sheet