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Media Studies

The aim of the Media curriculum at KS5 is to encourage passionate, personal interaction with the influential and constantly shifting media landscape and industry.  The curriculum builds upon the skills and knowledge learned at KS4 and through a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts; students are encouraged to both apply and challenge theories that are put to them, through their own engagement with a variety of texts.  Students are taught how to refine their pre-production, production and post-production competencies to create media products that are both highly creative and effective in communicating meaning and engaging an audience.  

Currently, the School offers Eduqas A-Level Media Studies and the Pearson Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production.  This combination of qualifications continues to give students the opportunity to study Media with either an academic or vocational approach.  (Due to numbers in the Sixth Form, it is not always possible to run both courses).   The curriculum is carefully sequenced to provide a framework for students where they can revisit theoretical understanding of the core concepts of: media language, representation, audience and industry; and practical skills application throughout the course, becoming ‘expert’ by the time of completion.  

Careers continue to be explicitly taught throughout KS5, with BTEC assessment tasks once more designed around ‘industry driven’ briefs.  The skills and knowledge acquired through the completion of either A Level Media Studies or the BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production, will prepare students not only for University study but also for future careers in the Media and other industries.  The curriculum aims to promote to students, a love for the subject and a passion to share that with others.