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Media Studies


GCSE Media Studies is a challenging and exciting subject, which inspires students to engage with and evaluate a broad range of media forms including: Newspapers, Film, Video Games, Radio, Magazines, Advertising and Marketing, Television, Online, Social and Participatory Media.  Students study these forms of media using a framework which is split into four sections:  Media Language, Representation, Audience and Media Institutions.  Students will have the opportunity to debate and write about their experiences of the media.

Students taking GCSE Media Studies will develop the skills necessary to:

  • Undertake research, critical thinking, decision-making and analysis.
  • Understand a range of important media issues.
  • Understand the role of the media both historically and currently in society, culture and politics.
  • Understand and use specialist subject-specific terminology to analyse and compare media products.
  • Make informed arguments, reach judgements and draw conclusions about media issues.
  • Understand how media theory supports the creative media production process.
  • Develop practical skills by creating media products.

How you will be assessed

Written Exam = 70%

Component 1: Exploring the Media is a written paper split into two sections.  In the first section, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding about media language and representation in relation to two of:  magazines, marketing (film posters), newspapers, or print advertisements.  In the second section, you will need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding about media industries and audiences in relation to two of:  film, newspapers, radio, video games.

Component 2:  Understanding Media Forms and Products is a written paper in which you need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding about media language, representation, industry and audience in relation to television and music videos. 

Non-Exam Assessment = 30%

Component 3: Creating Media Products requires you to create an individual media production for an intended audience.  The production you create will be for one of the following media forms:  Television, Magazines, Film Marketing or Music Marketing.  You are expected to apply your knowledge and understanding of media language and representation.


BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production is a hands-on, practical course.  You get the chance to develop valuable skills and techniques in different disciplines such as filming and sound and produce practical productions in response to a digital media brief.  You also get to explore potential careers in the media industry.

Students taking BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production will develop the skills necessary to:

  • Use technical skills and techniques
  • Produce digital media products in response to a brief
  • Review and reflect on the process and outcome

How you will be assessed

The course has two internally assessed components and one that’s externally assessed.  They are all practical projects; there is no written examination.

The components build on each other; this helps you to put what you have learned into practice and increase your confidence in the skills that you have learned:

Internal assessment = 60%

Component 1:  Exploring Media Products involves learning about the media sector and investigating media products such as:  audio/ moving image (TV programmes, films, video shorts, animations, radio broadcasts); publishing (newspapers, magazines, books, e-magazines, comics); interactive (websites, mobile applications, mobile games, video games, online games).  You will explore the content and purpose of digital media products, the style and the use of digital design principles, idea generation and the production process, industry regulations and professional practices.

Component 2:  Developing Digital Media Production Skills involves developing technical skills and techniques in audio/ moving image, publishing and interactive media.  You will experiment with a variety of media production skills and techniques; apply the technical skills that you learn; reflect on your progress and use of skills, as well as how you could improve.

External assessment = 40%

Component 3:  Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief involves applying digital skills and techniques by responding to a digital media brief.  You will learn how to respond to a media brief; plan your response to the brief; apply skills and techniques to a production; justify the process and outcome that you have developed; reflect on your application of skills, time management and use of resources.