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Maths Challenge

UKMT Junior Challenge

 Each year we prepare and enter a team for the Junior Maths Team Challenge. Four able mathematicians are selected to represent the College in an inter-school based competition. Furthermore, able students in each year group are also given the opportunity to enter the individual UKMT Maths Challenge. For further information on the UKMT challenges please contact Miss Kasmani and Mrs Mian.

UKMT Senior Challenge

On the 26th November, whilst everybody else was enjoying their day off, two Year thirteens (Abdiquani and Sinduran) and two Year elevens (Govind and Saumija) attended the Senior Team Mathematics Challenge at the Camden Centre. This was the first time Rooks Heath participated in the senior team regional finals. We were accompanied by Mrs Syed, who very kindly volunteered to give up her day, to provide us with this incredible opportunity.  

 On that cold, rainy afternoon we took the Metropolitan Line to Kings Cross. We competed against 37 other teams; the teams predominantly consisted of students from private schools, state schools and grammar schools. The examination was definitely challenging, but it was certainly expected. There were three parts to the challenge: group competition, cross number and mathematical relay race. We started off with the group competition – we had 40 minutes to complete 10 questions amongst the four of us. Following that, we carried out the cross number test, for which we had to divide into pairs. The duration of the cross number test was also 40 minutes. We ended the day with the most difficult part, the mathematical relay race. This was very challenging, as every question led onto the next, and the pairs were not allowed to talk to each other, so there was a lot of confusion.

On the whole, it was a challenging yet pleasurable experience. On behalf of all four students, I would like to say that we are much obliged to Mr Manivannan for selecting the four of us. I would describe this event as an unforgettable experience, and I would be more than happy to go again. Ultimately, I can now very proudly say that I represented Rooks Heath in such a good event.  This is only the first of many!  

By Saumija


UKMT Key Dates:

Tuesday 6th November 2012 Senior Maths Challenge (Year 12 & 13)

Thursday 7th February 2013 Intermediate Maths Challenge (Years 9, 10 & 11)

Thursday 25th April 2013 Junior Maths Challenge (Year 7 & 8)