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Mathematics Resources

Essential Websites

Below is a list of websites that will help you get the most out of your Mathematics education at Rooks Heath. If you come across a site full of fun activities, let me know!


For accessing homework and general revision


Accessible through the School"s website for resources and homework visit room "Maths Resources"


Excellent for practice SATs papers and revision material

BBC Bitsize

Useful site for Maths revision and practice

Big Brainz

Brilliant - A really hi-tech multiplication learning game. Forget COD!

UKMT Maths Challenge

This is for the most able mathematicians and those that enjoy working out difficult problems.  Give it a go!

Glossary of Maths terms

Want to know the difference between a "rational" and "irrational" number?

Maths Accelerator

Want to be able to do mental maths at lightning speed? This is for you.


Online maths lessons


Interactive online maths activities

Khan Academy

A brilliant site with brilliant explanations covering everything from adding to calculus (YouTube)

Maths Department

A collection of teaching videos along with worked solutions to past paper questions (YouTube)


Brilliant site full of maths