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Accelerated Reading

The Accelerated Reader Programme is now being used by the English Department at Rooks Heath to strengthen and map students reading progress in Years 7 and 8.

The importance of reading cannot be overstated, which is why we have this software, which is specifically designed to help children of all ages and abilities to learn to read and read to learn – even when English is a second language

How does it work?

Accelerated Reader helps:

  • Inform instruction with simple, effective STAR Reading assessment that accurately establishes each student’s reading age and National Curriculum level and sub level
  • Engage students with over 20,000 fun, motivational Accelerated Reader quizzes on popular books ranging from The Hungry Caterpillar to Roald Dahl and the Harry Potter series to the Classics
  • Achieve improved standards of literacy across the class, Year Group and School – with each student progressing at their own level and developing a genuine love of reading.

For further details visit this website