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Classics - Latin

Classics Department Staff  
Head of Department: Miss Olivero
Classics Teachers:

Mr Cacciatorre

Mr Macaulay

Classics at Rooks Heath

'cogito, ergo sum' (I think, therefore I am)

The Classics Department provides an important and vital part of the Curriculum at Rooks Heath. Classics provides a crucial link between the ancient world and the modern world.


The Classics Department aims to give students an appreciation of all aspects of the classical world. Students at Rooks Heath learn about the origins of democracy and the theatre in Greece, and about the impact of the Roman Empire on Europe, Africa, and Asia, and about seminal moments in world history, such as the assassination of Julius Caesar. As well as this, students learn about the Ancient Greek gods and about Roman gladiators. In learning the Latin language, students learn the building blocks of many world languages and learn a language that is at the heart of careers in medicine and law. Those students who choose to study the Ancient Greek language, learn a completely new alphabet and read ancient myths about Greek gods and heroes.


We offer three subjects within the Classics Department:

- Latin from Year 7 to GCSE and A Level

- Ancient Greek from Year 9 to GCSE and A Level

- Ancient History for GCSE