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Rooks Heath College

Rooks Heath College

Opportunity through Learning

Key Stage 3

Throughout this Key Stage, which is split into half-termly units of work, students continue to develop their skills from Key Stage 2 in the key areas of Reading and Writing. Assessment is done in accordance with their flight-path rubric – in line with the No Levels Assessment protocal.  It is an ongoing process, with teachers regularly marking work. However, for each unit, key assessments are highlighted more formally assessed than others, and marking for this will be moderated within the department, to ensure standardisation of marks awarded across the year group. Students are continuously made aware of their progress in line with their flight – path and marking displays a meaningful dialogue between student and teacher.

Work is differentiated across the years for students of ALL abilities. Students are also increasingly encouraged to develop Independent Learning skills. One of the aims of this key stage course is to ensure that, by means of the carefully structured curriculum provided, firm foundations are laid, to enable students to do well in their important GCSE Examinations at Key Stage 4.