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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Key Stage 3

Year 7

All students at Rooks Heath study Latin.  We follow the Cambridge Latin Course. The course is designed to promote not only a sound linguistic grounding but also an introduction to the history and culture of the ancient world.

We offer Greek Club during Thursday lunchtimes.

Year 8

Latin is an optional subject in Year 8, and is currently taken by about half the students in the year group. In Year 8 we build on the topics and skills begun in Year 7, continuing with Cambridge Latin Course Books 1 and 2.

We visit the British museum, and learn about the Greek Olympics, gladiators and Mount Vesuvius.

Year 9

Latin is an optional subject in Year 9. We meet some more complex language features and another 325 words of vocabulary.  The narrative moves to Roman Britain and Roman Egypt, and there are background sections focusing on Egyptian gods, Alexandria and ancient medicine. Students will also learn about the Roman hero Aeneas, the foundation of the republic of Rome, and Rome's wars with Hannibal. We travel back to the ancient world, by visiting Rome and Pompeii in Italy.