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Key Stage 3

Year 7 Projects 2013

In Year 7 students will be introduced to a variety of skills, processes and techniques including ceramics. In conjunction with the projects students will study the work of other artists, designers and crafts people from around the world. They will be encouraged to discuss and offer opinion and to begin to analyse and evaluate what they see using an art vocabulary. Year 7's have one two hour lesson a fortnight. Homework will accompany all projects and aims to reinforce or extend the work done in class.

Baseline assessment

At the beginning of the first term, baseline drawing skills will be established through direct observational drawing excercises. Progress will be measured throughout the year through end of project assessments, exams and reports.

Term 1 - Industrial Landscapes

In this project students will learn about basic colour rules and will practise mixing a range of secondary and tertiary colours with reference to the cityscapes of the artist L.S. Lowry. They will be taught the basic rules of landscape composition and the role of perspective. They will paint their own industrial or cityscape. This project will be extended into 3D introducing students to the basic skills of modelling a clay form.

L.S. Lowry Project

Activity 1: Introduction and discussion about L.S. Lowry and his work.

Activity 2: Lowry colour wheel - mixing your own colours.

Homework: Using Lowry colours in the city scene.

Activity 3: Looking at one point perspective - drawing excercise.

Activity 4: Copy a Lowry using one point perspective and mixing your own colours.

Homework: Research Lowry using the Internet. Include basic biography, interesting facts and paintings.

Activity 5: Select a section of a Lowry and extend it at both sides using your imagination to complete the street and add colour.

Homework: Draw your street Lowry style.

Activity 6: Look at photographs and drawings of Harrow. Turn these into a Lowry style street through drawing and painting.

Homework: Draw a group of Lowry figures and add colour.

Activity 7: Working from basline drawings, draw a small dog or cat using wire.

Homework: Design drawing for clay figure.

Activity 8: Working from figure drawings, make a Lowry clay figure.

Homework: Evaluation

Term 2 - Self Image

For this project Year 7 will be asked to look at themselves. They will work from direct observation and will consider basic facial proportions, facial features and colour to produce a range of responses reflecting the work of the artist Pablo Picasso. They will learn how to combine visual and written information in order to present an informative research page with some analysis. This work will be developed into print.

Term 3 - Cultural Project

Looking at the work of other artists and cultures helps to promote a shared understanding of the role of art in all our lives. This year we will be looking at Greek culture with specific reference to clay forms, sculptures and dramatic masks. This work will be translated into 3D form through the use of found objects, paper, card or clay.