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Rooks Heath School

Rooks Heath School

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Induction Programme

Rooks Heath School runs an Induction Programme for students who are new to the English Language and for casual entrants whose levels are below Level 2c according to Ethnic Minority Achievement descriptors.

This programme provides valuable and much needed support for the students who have recently arrived in the country from abroad. We run this programme during the first lesson of every day, with a view to providing a positive, safe start to what can seem like a daunting and unfamiliar education system. Our programme helps the students to engage confidently with others within the School environment.  We introduce students to subject-based tasks and basic terminology, enabling them to integrate well within the lessons.

We have a ‘buddy system’, whereby we pair the new student with another student who speaks the same language within the School. This gives them peer support at a time when they may otherwise be feeling overwhelmed.

The Induction class begins in September with a small group; however, we continue to welcome new students throughout the year. We use prepared induction booklets, grammar booklets, picture dictionaries and spoken English phrase books, written in different languages to support students when they first arrive. We introduce students to reading simple story books covering different levels of ability, and the content of the books helps them to understand the society and culture in which they now live.