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History is continuously changing the world around us and historic events have helped to shape our society. Learning about past events and the people who’ve influenced history will allow you to understand how the world got to the point it’s at now and how it will continue to develop in the future. You will develop understanding of how the laws in the UK have been changed and influenced by a wide variety of different factors. You will be able to explain how some of the most important events of the twentieth century were caused by an ideological divide between east and west. How race relations in the United States have developed over time and how the might of the USA was unable to defeat a small country in the far east in a long drawn out conflict.

Apart from studying a wide range of exciting historic periods, you’ll learn a range of handy skills that will help you with A-levels and future work. These include: excellent communication and writing skills, how to construct an argument, research and problem skills, investigation and problem-solving skills, analytical and interpretation skills. Studying the diversity of human experience helps us appreciate cultures, ideas, and traditions that are not our own — and to recognise them as meaningful products of specific times and places. History helps us realise how different our lived experience is from that of our ancestors, yet how similar we are in our goals and values.