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Helping your child at home

Maths is something that most people find challenging. Expectations in Maths have increased dramatically over the last 10 years and the following two questions are being frequently asked by concerned parents when their child is doing homework:

Is that really the way you are supposed to do it? and Is that how they do it now?

With this in mind, the Mathematics Department at Rooks Heath is in the process of putting together a booklet for parents to help their child get the most out of their Maths lessons. Watch this space!

For the time being, we suggest the following to help you help your child:

Where should I start?

Most students struggling with this subject would benefit from "learning the basics". This means, you could help your child with learning their times-tables, basic addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplying (x) and dividing (÷) without a calculator. You may use any method that you know and feel comfortable with and don"t worry if your child doesn't get the right answers first time around. Above all, when helping your child, make sure you take your time and be patient.

Mathematics at Home – A Guide for Parents

This is a user friendly guide for parents/guardians to help their child try out mathematical ideas at home.

A Parents' Guide to Secondary Mathematics

A more detailed look at the teaching & learning of mathematics in schools and how parents can help their child

Times Tables

Help your child master their times tables in minutes! Yes, minutes. No need to memorize facts anymore using this brilliant technique (YouTube)

Find out what level your child is working at HERE

If you scan over the objective, an example will appear (by magic!)

What if my child needs to be challenged?

If this is the case, I recommend visiting these sites: NRICH and UKMT

Need more help?

If you find that you need more help, please contact the Maths Department.